Kay, I know I already blogged once today, and there’s some kind of official blogger rule about that (isn’t there?), but OMG, DANCE SHOW.

So You Think You Can Dance has been on hiatus for the past two weeks, but I hardly noticed as my eyeballs were glued to the Olympics 24-7. Yesterday I realized that it would be returning this week and I was pleased, but kind of whatever-ish about it. In fact, I even said to Sir Monkeypants that I couldn’t even remember who the heck was on the show this season.

But then! I read this article about how tonight, THIS VERY NIGHT, the seven remaining couples will each dance one of Mia Michael’s most famous pieces from past seasons. AND, she did a new group number for tonight, as well.

Then I swooned and everything went dark for a few moments. COLOUR ME EXCITED.

You can click on the link above, which leads to Entertainment Weekly magazine’s website, to see embedded videos of all seven of the original performances. I expect I will be doing nothing else all day.

Of the seven remaining couples, here’s who I want to see dance which number:

Time (originally by Lacey and Neill in Season 3) – This is the one with all the flowers on the floor, where the girl represents young Mia and the guy, her father in heaven. This is actually not one of my Mia favourites, so I’m really looking forward to seeing it danced by a different couple and see if I connect with it more this time. I would give this one to Darien and Janelle. She’s so tiny, I think it will evoke the father-daughter dynamic the piece is going for, and Darien is well up to the challenge of being ethereal.

Hometown Glory (originally by Katee and Joshua, Season 4) – SUPER excited they picked this one, as it is my all-time favourite Mia Miachaels couple dance, and it is almost always overlooked and forgotten. I have to say, I cannot imagine anyone dancing it as perfectly as Katee and Joshua – Katee especially is just MESMERIZING. I am giving this one to Lindsay and Cole because I sometimes find they are lacking in personal connection, and this piece is about competition between two friends – plus, it’s sharp, snappy lines should suit Cole’s style to a T.

Mercy (“The Door”, originally by Katee and Twitch, Season 4) – It’s way too bad that Amber and Brandon aren’t still on the show as they would have kicked the shit out of this one. Instead, I will have to give it to Will and Amelia. I think they are kind of controversial couple as some people hate Will, and some people hate Amelia. I personally am an Amelia-lover-Will-hater, but together, they have turned in three of my favourite performances so far this season. I think they have the fire and the spark to pull this one off.

Dreaming with a Broken Heart (“The Bed”, originally by Kherington and Twitch, Season 4) – Matthew and Audrey are becoming the favourite couple this season, but their extreme youngness sometimes bothers me. This piece would give them both the chance to show off some adult emotions.

Calling You (“The Bench”, originally by Heidi and Travis, Season 2) – This is, obviously, the marquee number – it’s Mia’s signature dance and her most famous. I want to see them give this one to Tiffany and George. I adore George, I think he has real star power, and of all the male dancers this season, he’s the one who comes closest to Travis’ style and heart and power. I think it will really give him a chance to shine and show off how awesome he is. It’s too obvious to give this one to Matthew and Audrey – I’ll be disappointed if that happens.

Gravity (“Addiction”, originally by Kayla and Kupono, Season 5) – This one is perfect for Cyrus and Eliana. I adore Eliana, I think she is getting buried in this competition because she is carrying a weak (if totally charming, and brave, and adorable) partner. This piece should not be too taxing on Cyrus – he is more than up for the theatrics of it, and dance-wise, he’s mostly partnering and lurking. On the flip side, Eliana will be expected to carry this piece and I think she can, and will win hearts and votes by doing so.

Koop Island Blues (“The Butt Piece”, originally by Randi and Evan, Season 5) – I think Chehon and Witney are the only couple with the sass, and (if this isn’t too insulting), the figure to pull off this piece. It’s a tough one to get as it’s very light, and even if they dance it well it’s unlikely to pull in a lot of votes. But I think it’s the best match from the couples that are left, and hopefully they’ll charm the hell out of it.

Aw, my first dance show post of the year! I’m excited. VERY EXCITED. Can you tell?

3 thoughts on “DANCE SHOW OMG.

  1. OK, this post makes me regret that we ditched our DirecTV system and have no live TV anymore. I assume you can’t watch SYTYCD online? I’m not a huge fan of Mia Michaels in general, but love that show, and it expanded my horizons a bit anyway because I remember most of those earlier routines you mentioned 🙂

  2. Smothermother

    To the commenter above, yes you can watch it online on Its there a couple of days later. It’s how I watch it.

    So, Lynn, what did you think? I was very sad to see Amelia go. And I thought it was brutal to make these dancers do these routines as much as I love them. But all the judges cold do was compare! Didn’t you as you watched? And I think Addiction was the only one that came close to the originals.

    And Cyrus had got to go!

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