If you’ve been having trouble commenting on this blog or any other WordPress blog, it’s because WordPress.com has introduced some controversial rules about anonymous commenters. You can read a rather hilarious description of the new rules here.

In other news, thanks so much to everyone who expressed concern about me and my shingles (now playing seven days a week, twice on Sundays!). I’m doing absolutely okay. I didn’t realize until I made that post that most people with shingles really suffer. Mine is the most mild case ever – a very small patch that is already halfway to healed. A little Advil and hydrocortizone and I was well able to function normally. (Well, except for the big QUARANTINE sign I had to wear around my neck.)

One thought on “Randoms

  1. I just noticed the comment log-in thing. So that’s new? I have to admit, I didn’t have a big problem with it – I logged in, my comment was still there, and got posted.

    Shingles suck! I know someone who had them, but sounds like a case similar to yours. What he didn’t realize, though, was that he shouldn’t have been hanging out with me while I was pregnant 😐

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