All the Deets on Blog Out Loud

Oh hi, Earth! You know, we never get together anymore since I dropped off the face of you. We should totes get coffee. Meet you at Starbucks?

(The short explanation: I have a new job! It’s a work-from-home situation. Still working out the kinks of how to, you know, work, parent, run my design business and blog all at the same time. That fourth arm should be arriving in the mail any day now!)

In the meantime, I have managed to book Blog Out Loud. Oh yes! It’ll be on Thursday, June 14, at 7 p.m., at the Arrow and Loon downtown. Which has the free Why-Fies. I am totes on top of things.

(You can read more about BOLO here.)

5 thoughts on “All the Deets on Blog Out Loud

  1. twohandsfull

    Congrats on the job! and I am sad that I can’t attend Bolo this year. I am heading to Toronto that weekend for a wedding and I will be full on it packing mode that night. 😦 Next year for sure. And maybe if I manage to blog again I can submit a post. One can dream can’t she 😉

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