They’ll Always Be My Babies

Last night I was heading to bed when I heard the Captain calling out from his room. I went in and he was saying, “Mom, mom!” over and over – it was clear he was not actually awake but having a nightmare.

I said, “Are you okay, honey?”

He said, “I am, I just can’t find you!”

I went to the bed and took his hand. I said, “I’m right here. Go back to sleep and I’ll sit right here beside you for as long as it takes.”

He sighed and smiled, rolled over and went back to sleep.

I still got it.

This morning he woke up with a fever above 40 degrees – day four of this bug he is fighting. This means day four of us snuggled up in bed watching a Clone Wars marathon. Good times.


The other day Little Miss Sunshine (who is four AND A HALF now, thank you very much) came downstairs to the kitchen in a new outfit. I asked her when she had gotten so tall. She told me it was because she had eaten the “good growing food” (which is what we call non-treat food around here). I beamed – she was listening! Lessons were being learned!

Then she said, “You should know, you MADE ME eat it.”

Yeah, I still got it.

5 thoughts on “They’ll Always Be My Babies

  1. Carly

    You DO still got it . . . and always will!!! Lovely post – the sweet bed time stories are my favourite. Love it when my Little Man does something similar.

  2. Carly

    (And how come your blog is making me log in with my WordPress account – which I created on a whim a long time ago and never actually use – rather than simply with my yahoo/blogger account now? So strange. I tried to put my URL down as my actual blog on blogger, but it insisted that I couldn’t comment until I used the URL to the wordpress blog I don’t actually use.)

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