I’ve been AWOL! No blogging, no twittering, no Facebooking. So thought I better check in and let you all know that I am still alive! And thriving! Just busy.

After the first week of November I woke up one morning and realized that out of NOWHERE, Christmas is coming. I like to have all my shopping done by December first because I cannot STAND the mall in December. I get hot and cranky and dehydrated and there is no joy there for anyone. One problem with shopping early is that everyone always changes their mind between mid-November to the end-of-December as to what they would like. But this year I said, I DON’T CARE, and saw stuff on sale so I bought it. I’m in good shape, about 75% done I’d say, and I like that.

Another reason to do all the shopping early is that, for the past couple of years, I’ve done Andrea’s advent calendar idea, where we do a family activity each day while counting down to Christmas. I didn’t think the kids cared about it one way or the other – half the time they complain when I tell them the day’s activity – but last year when I was thinking of giving it up, there was SUPER WHINING, and it seems it has been cemented as a solid family tradition now for years to come.

So last year the little envelopes we had been using to hold the day’s activity were getting shabby, and rather than make a new set out of paper I started to think that something more permanent would be better. So I shopped and shopped and shopped online for the perfect advent calendar. I looked at ones with boxes and ones with pockets and ones with magnets and more.

But none were absolutely perfect, so what is a perfectionist like me to do? Make her own, that’s what!

So that’s really where I’ve been these past two weeks – sewing and sewing and sewing. I am OBSESSED with my advent calendar. It’s been 30+ hours of work so far and I’m still only 80% done. It’s going well – the pockets came out great but the numbers were a bugger and this morning I’m sewing down the pockets and they aren’t so much straight as forming gently rolling hills, but WHATEVER.

Family heirlooms should have that homemade touch of imperfection, right? Ah who am I kidding, the slanty number 4 is going to bug me forever.

A quick peek at the unfinished project:

FameThrowa likes this gingerbread man the best:


While Sir Monkeypants is partial to this little Christmas tree:


I love them all like my little children but this candle did turn out exceptionally well:


And that is all for today – the sewing machine beckons. More photos when it’s all done and I resurface for air.

20 thoughts on “Advent

  1. THAT is the bestest Advent calendar EVER! Just the right balance of homey-ness to perfection-ness. I can imagine a couple dozen days of ultra-fun family things are going to come out of those pockets. Perfect lead up to Christmas. Enjoy!

  2. it’s gorgeous lynn! i am contemplating doing the activity advent this year. must go find ideas to steal. i love my handmade felt calendar with all it’s wonderful imperfections!

  3. MrsCarlSagan

    Good Gracious. This post makes me feel completely inadequate. 🙂 That is STUNNING. All the pictures are beautiful. From what I could see, I like the candle and the pointsettia the best. You should bring it to Poker on saturday so I can drool over it in person! Your attention to detail never ceases to amaze me.

    1. It’s great that the near-cancelation of the calendar last year was saved by an unexpected round of whining. Goes to show that our grumpo stubborn kids just may love some of the stupid stuff we do even if they don’t always show it on the outside. 🙂

      Nice sewing! My wife has latched onto quilting for the past year and a bit, and she loves it.

      1. Oops, that wasn’t meant as a reply specifically to Brie. I fail at the internet. (but, “Hi Brie! Nice to meet you; hope you don’t mind me sharing your space…!”)

    1. See, in these moments, you just need to tell yourself “There will always be a mom who is a better mom than I am”, and then recognize that you’re no doubt number *two* on the Greatest Mom’s list and sleep easy as a result.

  4. I have missed you! In fact, if you hadn’t posted today, I’d have sent a gently inquiring email! But of course you’ve been totally engaged in something absolutely fabulous! The calendar is gorgeous, kudos and I can’t wait for the photo of the finished product so I can pick my favourite pocket!

  5. I love it! I’m planning to try the advent calendar idea this year, but so far I haven’t moved beyond brianstorming the activities to start planning how I’m actually going to present them. I know it’s not going to look as great as yours, considering we’re already halfway through November and I dont’ even have a plan yet, lol!

  6. All this AND you did a good chunk of the work on Mr. Chatty’s stocking!

    I hit my craft max after cutting out the first shape. You definitely inspired me to keep going.

  7. This is freaking amazing! Oh how I wish I could sew or make anything this nice. Maybe next year….Good job…I’m so jealous. May fav is the gingerbread man 🙂

  8. melanie

    Your advent calendar is beautiful! I’ve been meaning to make one for years. When I was a kid, my mom made one that was a plain tree wallhanging, and we added a felt Christmas decoration to it each day. Thanks for bringing back that memory!

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