The Incredibles

The Captain has assigned us all superpowers. I guess we’ll be changing our last name to Incredible any day now.

His own superpower is Ice Hands. Beware his power to turn your kidneys to ice when he touches you first thing in the morning (or in the afternoon, or in the evening, or pretty much any time).

Little Miss Sunshine has the power to Look Cute. (Note to self: wean child off Disney Princesses IMMEDIATELY.)

Gal Smiley has the power to Watch TV For Many Hours Without Stopping. She’s very proud of herself. So am I, honey, so am I.

Sir Monkeypants has unbeatable Burping Power. I believe his record is 13 in a row. Just between you and me, his secret is Diet Pepsi. Don’t tell any of our arch enemies.

My own superpower is to Drink Blech Hot Chocolate. With his many food allergies, the Captain has to drink a protein drink a few times a day that we affectionately call “hot chocolate.” If it sits for more than a few minutes it starts to separate and gets all grainy, and then the Captain rejects it but he always offers it to me in a very friendly manner – “You can have this now, Mommy.”

And I usually finish it up, because at least half of my daily calories comes from Stuff The Kids Didn’t Finish.

And thus, superpower. I’m planning a Blech Hot Chocolate for the front of my superhero spandex.

Quake before us, those with evil intentions!

4 thoughts on “The Incredibles

  1. I have Ice Hands too! Almost all the time! My kids got these “mood” pencils that change colour with temperature. After their sweaty little hands make the pencils turn colour, they ask ME to turn them back! I’m a superhero!

  2. Love this! The Little Man has been to summer camp a few times now and this year became thrilled with the thought of “camp names”. We were regaled with stories of “Sunshine Bear”, “Sheriff” and “Chocolate Chip”. It wasn’t long before Dad was christened JEANS, the caregiver was FROOT LOOP, I was PEACHES and the Little Man named himself PATHWAY. Even the babe in the womb wasn’t except and was promptly called “DONUT”.

    I think I’d prefer the super powers.

  3. Them’s some mighty awesome powers alright! I do quake (from laughter) at them. I hope I can find some superpower in my kid’s eyes. According to my son’s lastest project I am “just a mom” under occupation. Must find power now!

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