If They Don’t Dance Then They’re No Friends Of Mine

This is always the time on So You Think You Can Dance when I start to get impatient for the finale. The Top 4 show is almost anticlimatic – the final four have so much dancing to do that they often get tired and don’t turn in their best work. In fact, I can’t remember the last time I thought one of the “best of the season” dances came from the final four show.

Not that you shouldn’t watch it, or anything. Magic moments are always possible.

So! This past week saw the elimination of (SHOCKER) Caitlynn and Ricky. Actually I did think it was maybe close between Tadd and Ricky, at least I would have, had I not steered America in the right direction via my SuperBlog. In fact, now I’m almost afraid to rank because the power is too awesome. How can I ensure that I will not become corrupted? HOW??

And yet, I do it all for you.

Melanie – Still hanging on to the top spot, although shakily. Sasha is breathing down her neck, nipping at her heels, chomping at the bit. To Melanie’s credit, in both her numbers with Twitch and Tadd, I only basically watched her, and her solo was great. But having another Big Moment in the top 4 show would really help sew it up for her.

Sasha – Sasha is not going down without a fight, and she fought hard this week. Her “wall” number with Kent was perfectly suited to her strengths, and Kent was such a good match for her – I really wonder how amazing she could have been had she not been saddled with Alexander in the first half of the season. I thought her solo was great. We will not mention the waacking. No, we will not.

Marko – He’s an amazing dancer, a sweet guy, and great partner. But I feel as though there’s some sparkle that has been missing these past couple of weeks. In both his routines this week (with Janette, SQUEAL, and Caitlynn), he kind of served as backdrop, and his solo was same-old, same-old. I have to say I am really looking forward to seeing him reunited with Melanie in the final four show – I hope to see some of the old magic return.

Tadd – Still with the crap solos, then with the amazing dances. WHAT? UP? I guess he just isn’t much of a choreographer. I know the judges were lukewarm on the Sonia number with the chandelier that he danced with Ellenore (SQUEAL), but man, I LOVED IT. So unique and exciting and different. I get what Lil C was saying about their movement needing to have more flow, but still, AMAZING. One of my favourites from the season but I doubt it will make the finale because Sonya has done about a million numbers this season.

Also, did anyone else give a big “who?” when Ricky’s all-star partner from last week was announced as Jaimie? It was the first time ever that they’ve had an “all star” on this show that I totally, totally did not remember at all. I just went and looked her up and it turns out she was Hok’s partner, the one who did the famous Hummingbird And Flower routine in Season 3, choreographed by Wade Robson. And yes, she was a super amazing dancer, and I’m embarrassed I forgot about her. But also, I guess she didn’t have quite the personality to stand out as a timeless star of the show. Know what I mean?

I wonder which of all these all stars will be included on the tour – likely they will announce that next week. I personally would recommend taking Twitch, Pasha, Neil, Kent, Lauren Froderman, Chelsie Hightower (if you can get her), Allison, and Ellenore (only because I LOVE HER).

In related all-star news, I absolutely swooned then wept with joy watching Lauren and Kent do the “prom” number on the results show, that Travis choreographed for them last season. It was just SO GOOD. And it left me wondering if I’ve really had any strong, emotional reactions like that this season – at the moment only my delight over the Another One Bites The Dust number comes to mind. I’ve read elsewhere that this season has been weak and forgettable – do you agree? What were your stand out numbers of the season? How do you think this season will stack up against others?

I think that really begs the question (or begs the blog?)…how do the seasons rank in general? I smell next week’s post!

3 thoughts on “If They Don’t Dance Then They’re No Friends Of Mine

  1. I just had a look back over the season and here are my stand-outs:

    Missy and Wadi – Pandora’s Box (jazz) by Sean Cheeseman
    Melanie and Marko – stone statues (contemporary) by Travis Wall
    Ashley and Chris – jailhouse routine (broadway) by Spencer Liff (am I the only one who thinks Spencer is just so cute?)
    Caitlynn and Mitchell – first love routine by Mandy Moore
    Clarice and Jess – the one where he’s painting her portrait (lyrical hip-hop) by Christopher Scott
    Twitch and Sasha – reunited over breakfast (hip hop) by Christopher Scott
    Melanie and Neil – The Big Leap (contemporary) by Mandy Moore
    Tadd and Lauren – Another One Bites The Dust by Mandy Moore
    Tadd and Ellenore – the one with the chandelier by Sonya Tayeh

    MVP of the season – definitely Mandy Moore.

    Looking over this list I feel as though I maybe didn’t have as many emotional moments, but there was still some outstanding dancing, and certainly the top 5 numbers from this season will stand along with the other seasons.

    Won’t stop me from ranking them, though. 🙂

  2. Two random comments:

    Katie Holmes annoyed the crap out of me last night. She added no value whatsoever.

    Also, I am starting to feel bad for Melanie — it must be hard for her to maintain a sort of humble-but-so-pleased look every show when the judges swoon over her. The camera is stuck on her face and you wonder how she manages to keep it looking real!

  3. Yay !my girl Melanie (aka Felicity) won! she so deserved it.

    and i agree with my girl Julie…… Katie H was the most boring judge in the history of all these shows combined.

    now it over….. sigh. on to the Canadian version. and maybe, see a few friends….

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