Dance! Show! Top! Six!

Oh man, SO much to say about So You Think You Can Dance this week. Let’s break it down!

Eliminations: Last week I said that Ricky deserved a spot in the top 4 over Jess and LO, it happened just as I suggested! From my blog straight to America’s dialing fingers! I’m drunk with the power. So Jess went home, and it felt right to me. I was also happy with Jordan finally being eliminated. Good job this week by both the judges and the voting public. Do you think that the dancers will be coming to check my blog frantically now, to see exactly who I will suggest be eliminated this week? Bwa ha ha ha!

Gaga: Lady Gaga was an intelligent, sincere, and thoughtful guest judge. Totally outshone that other guy at the end of the row (Rob Marshall, if you care – when we watched the results show they showed Rob talking, and the Captain said, “Who is that guy? He wasn’t on the last show!”). I really questioned why she would take a guest judging gig, it seemed so beneath her. Now I understand – it was the final phase in her plan to dominate the world by converting all soccer moms to her cause. OPERATION: SUCCESS.

Super Sized Episode: I never thought I’d say this, but I am actually really loving the combo competitor/all-star match ups. It allows the show to be jam packed with dancing – 14 numbers! – and yet each dancer only had to dance twice, hopefully avoiding the exhaustion and injuries that have plagued seasons past. Plus, less time for filler clips and yammering by the judges. LOVE IT.

Mary Murphy: I have been gathering the Canadian SYTYCD episodes on my PVR, but I accidentally caught this week’s episode yesterday afternoon when it was re-run on MuchMusic (the kids turned it on and actually wanted to watch it, instead of The Suite Life of Zack and Cody – MIRACLE). My point here is that Mary Murphy was judging, and clips from past episodes implied that she’d been there at least the week before, as well. Is she judging for both shows at the same time? That’s a taping of Canadian show on Monday, live episode in Canada Tuesday evening, then jetting back to California for American show taping Wednesday, then American show live on Thursday? That’s crazy – how does she keep the dancers straight? How does she handle the constant jet lag? And why does she look so much more tanned and blonde when she’s in Canada? Proposed: Mary has a secret twin sister. DISCUSS.

Choreographers: I said I’d talk about the new choreographers but I still can’t figure out who is who. How come most of the regulars have been absent this season but we still get SO MUCH TYCE? Sigh. Anyway, in lieu of actual commentary I just want to list some names, in the hopes they will sink into my sad little brain and I can actually remember these people in the future.

Returning choreographers that we know and love/hate: Sonya (jazz/contemporary), Tyce (broadway/contemporary), Stacey Tookey (contemporary), Travis Wall (contemporary), Mandy Moore (jazz/contemporary – has she not be ON FIRE this season?), Sean Cheeseman (jazz/contemporary), Tabitha and Napoleon (hip hop), Melanie and Tony (ballroom), Jean-Marc Genereaux (ballroom), Toni Redpath (ballroom) Louis Van Amstel (ballroom – not a common choreographer on this show, but I assume everyone knows him as he’s like, totally famous), Nakul The Bollywood Guy.

New choreographers (or ones who just did one or two numbers in the past): Jason Gilkison (ballroom – actually he’s been on lots before, hasn’t he? I just always forget about him), Jonathan Roberts (ballroom), Christopher Scott (broadway/contemporay/hip hop/tap/apparently anything you want), Spencer Liff (Broadway), Dee Caspary (contemporary), Charles Klapow (jazz), Ray Leeper (jazz – I think this guy is SO creepy), Justin Giles (contemporary), Dave Scott (hip hop), Shaun Evaristo (hip hop), Chuck Maldonado (hip hop), Marty Kudelka (hip hop), Liz Lira (salsa specialist), Dwight and Desmond (ballet-like contemporary specialists), Miriam and Leonardo (Argentine tango specialists).

DEAR LORD, now that I see them all written out, it’s no wonder I can’t keep them all straight. What is UP with all the hip hop people with their hands in the pie? I hope some stars emerge so my brain can stop hurting. I will say this: Christopher Scott seems interesting – did you know he’s one of the choreographers for The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers? He did Twitch and Sasha’s hip-hop-over-breakfast number, and Clarice and Jess’ number where he’s painting her picture. Others I like: Spencer Liff, as he did that jailhouse number for Ashley and Chris that I adore, although his other work has been so-so; Chuck Maldonado’s hip-hop for Tadd and Comfort was pretty cool, but SO hard; and Miriam and Leonardo are fabulously cool and seem to be able to bring out the cool in whoever they are working with.

And now, we’re down to the final six. Let’s rank!

Melanie gave us the Big Moment this week with The Leap To End All Leaps in her number with Neil. Fabulous. I think she will win.

Sasha was good too, although the quickstep was not her thing, and dancing side-by-side with Melanie may have been too sharp of a comparison – I thought Melanie was a wee bit better. Nigel all but said that one of these two ladies is going to win, and he has insider info when it comes to the current voting trends, so there you have it.

Marko is definitely the best guy, and his emotional reaction to having his mother present was so genunine and sweet. In any other season I think he would be a strong contender for the win.

Tadd. I have chosen a side of the fence, and it’s the good side. I know last week I wanted y’all to vote for Ricky, and now I’m going to use my superpowers to try to swing the vote over to Tadd. And why? Another One Bites The Dust, that’s why. SO GOOD. The way he walked out on stage into the spotlight and immediately commanded all attention, with just his charisma. I was so entranced – I didn’t even notice until halfway through that he’d lost his hat. It was completely immaterial. LOVED IT. Lauren was a great match for him, too. I have rewatched this number…well, I’m not going to say how many times, but I will tell you that it’s more than you. And more than Nigel. And more than TADD’S MOTHER. So vote for Tadd!

Ricky might edge out Tadd for a spot in the final four, but I thought he was weak this week. Sure, he was able to dance with Anya and come out alive (barely), but it’s not like he blew me away with his powerful ballroom, and dancing beside Marko in hip-hop only served to highlight that Marko is a stronger dancer. I’d vote Ricky to go home this week.

Caitlynn is still one of my favourites and I love her, but with Sasha and Melanie above her, there’s no contest. I can’t imagine any scenario in which poor Caitlynn doesn’t go home this week. Hugs and kisses, honey.

And now, let’s chat! Who do you think has stood out among the new choreographers? How awesome is Mandy Moore? Which all-stars have you been the most excited to see (Ivan! Lauren Froderman! Brandon! Neil!) and who are you hoping will be back this week? Which match ups have been the best and worst? How many more days until dance show, again?

4 thoughts on “Dance! Show! Top! Six!

  1. i’m with you. mel is going to win it. she is freakin’ amazing. and that leap? CRAY-ZY! i’m loosing track of all the new choreographers. and yes, too much tyce. though the opening piece of the results show was awesome. i don’t get how canada and the us one are on at the same time. something tells me they can’t be all that live. no?

  2. Yes, Gaga rocked it. I thought she was excellent — usually the guest judges are so fake because they don’t want to say anything mean. She was very sincere and I loved her! That Melanie leap literally took my breath away. I re-winded and watched it again. If she had missed or hadn’t been caught, her dance career could have been over. OVER. But she just threw her body right into it. Amazing. I really like her too, but I also like Sasha.

  3. Melanie has been my girl since her first audition. but, like Julie, I also really enjoy Sasha. i really loved that number she did with Twitch at the breakfast table. amazing.

    and yes, Mary Murphy has been part of the Canadian show since the beginning. a twin sister, perhaps……or maybe (for all the HP fans) “Polyjuice Potion”.


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