Puttering Around

Canada Post is getting around to delivering my back issues of Entertainment Weekly, and so I have just discovered that Rachel Weisz and Daniel Craig got married. Married! In secret! The tabloids totally failed me on this one. This is huge news for me because I think Rachel Weisz is the most beautiful woman in the world, she’s the person I would like to look exactly like if given three wishes. With one of my other wishes I would wish for Daniel Craig, because he is on The List. So the fact that they are now wed is kind of like a living reenactment of many a Harlequin-Romance scenario I have envisioned and it’s kind of freaking me out.

And with that biting, insightful commentary, I have officially achieved Summer Brain. Aaaaahhhh. Events of actual importance have no business here!

Our Summer of Awesome is going well. I haven’t been blogging about it because it’s a lot of stuff we did last year, and also see above re: Summer Brain. But I did write about our recent trip to see the Ottawa Fury over on Kids in the Capital. It was a surprisingly good time – check it out.

I’m really enjoying having a bloggy flake out after Blog Out Loud but I will be back soon with something more meaningful to say (although, I did find time to update my About Me page and my Favourite Posts list). In the meantime just wanted to pop by and say hi, and mention that I will be at the Social Captial Conference on Saturday. Hopefully someone will be doing a panel on Celebrity Marriages. Otherwise I’ll have to wake up the Summer Brain for a few hours – hope it doesn’t hurt!

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