Dance! Show!

It is time. I can keep quiet no longer. Let us talk…Dance Show.

It feels like a long time since I was this invested in So You Think You Can Dance. The last few seasons have been good, with good dancing, but for some reason I just haven’t felt the passion. This season? I cried when the first people had to go home. CRIED. Can’t even THINK about Missy right now without tearing up.

Don’t feel bad for me though – that’s a GOOD thing. Oh Dance Show, how I have missed you.

Let’s chat about the couples still remaining, shall we?

Top of the Heap

Melanie and Marko: I still can’t believe they matched these two up – talk about power couple. I loved Melanie the minute I saw her and she has not disappointed. Marko is an amazing dancer, an amazing partner, and a sweetheart with a golden backstory – I call him for the eventual win (you heard it here first, kids). If they both don’t make it to the final four I will be very sad indeed.

Caitlynn and Mitchell: Here’s the thing – I never liked either of these two. Caitlynn seemed so generic. Mitchell got the “I’m injured wah wah wah” pass on the first week and I hate that. And yet…they have completely won me over. I adored their samba this week (Jean-Marc, you foxy minx, call me!) and I simply cannot fathom why they ended up in the bottom three. Hopefully America gets its voting ass together OR ELSE. Speaking of which, I hear you can vote online now, is that still just for Americans? Don’t you think that is RATHER COUNTRY-IST, Nigel?

Ashley and Chris: Their jailhouse routine from two weeks ago was my most favourite one to date. I think Ashley is a lovely dancer, but it’s Chris who really impresses me – I think he has shown the most growth of any dancer on this show. He’s exactly the kind of B-boy who will dazzle and amaze us with his charisma and ability to do foreign styles – and then get voted out in sixth place like every other B-boy I Have Loved. I get why they were in the bottom three last week – Sonya, experiment on OTHER COUPLES, please – but if you rewatch their bizarre zombie number, I think you will be impressed with the sharpness and originality of their movement. They both deserve top ten, I hope they make it.

Middle of the Road

Ryan and Ricky: Meh. These two are both pretty good in their own styles but they have yet to find the magic – they haven’t exactly clicked and they haven’t dazzled me, either. Ryan I feel is guilty of Hairography – without her blond tresses flying around, her dancing is only so-so. Ricky is SO great in his own style, but in the other styles – meh. I did like their contemporary routine with the scarf tying them together but they’ll really have to pull something amazing out of the bag next week to impress me.

Clarice and Jess: Clarice is actually my favourite female dancer (and this amid a field of amazing, amazing female dancers). She’s got the snap and the personality. I think she’s kind of getting screwed over by a poor matchup. There’s no question that Jess is simply gorgeous as a dancer – probably the best dancer on the show – but he has a major, major personality problem. He comes off as egotistical and obnoxious and that is never good on a reality show when you need the votes to get by. When they dance apart, they are so bang on it takes my breath away – but when they come together, Jess seems annoyed that he has to deal with another person (“IT’S MY SPOTLIGHT, DAMMIT”) and Clarice seems like she doesn’t trust Jess to catch her/lift her/notice she is also in the number. They need to get it together (ha! pun intended!) to move forward, although I’m sure the judges will protect Jess until at least the top ten (please, please do not screw over Clarice).

All Biology, No Chemistry

Jordan and Tadd: I really, really, do not like Jordan. She’s a one-trick pony and if she makes any more Sexy Faces during her numbers, I am going to have to punch her. I think she is a sub-par dancer and has not shown either versatility or flexibility. Tadd – now I have to admit, I am not objective. He’s my cougar-dancer for the season – last week when he danced mostly shirtless I…basically did not notice anything else about the number. I think he’s so charismatic and there’s a chance he could really shine with a different partner (CLARICE, I’m just saying).

Sasha and Alexander: I really, really, do not like Alexander. He seems perfectly nice and his technique is of the highest quality. But he is such a wet noodle on stage – no personality at all. He’s just blandness personified. Sasha is also not one of my favourites, for the opposite reason. She has no sense of humour, and attacks every number like it is LIFE OR DEATH. If she chews any more scenery, she’ll surely bloat up like a balloon. Sasha might work if given a powerful, passionate partner (although I really can’t imagine who – maybe Marko is the only contender), but Alexander isn’t ever going to do any of the ladies any favours. They aren’t working, and it’s not good.

I admit I am concerned that two of the three I picked as the top couples have been in the bottom three…while both of my bottommost couples have been given the full pass free ride. It’s very worrisome, America – I’m counting on you now, do not let me down. I’d like to see Jordan and Alexander go home this week, so make it happen.

See you next week!

6 thoughts on “Dance! Show!

  1. i am going to predict a win for MELANIE! she has it all! and doesn’t she remind you of Kerri Russel when she first cut her hair on Felicity! any Felicity lovers out there?

    i love SYTYCT…. and i also enjoy doubling up with the Canadian version. it may, however, end in divorce as all this dancing nonsense is driving the husband a wee bit crazy.


    1. I am recording them both but so far I’ve only been able to keep up with the American one – the Canadian one will have to wait. Don’t they usually start the Canadian one in August? I’m all off kilter.

      Still, can’t complain – the more dance show, THE BETTER.

  2. yeah! so glad these posts are back.

    love love love melanie. wasn’t she like the first person to dance on the first show? really like marko too.

    i think tadd may be my favorite of the boys. i was very sorry to see the tap dancer leave (can’t remember his name at the moment).

    not a fan of mitchell.

    totally agree with you on jess. he needs to go.

    alexander has NO personality. do you notice how all the other couples hold onto each other when they are waiting for their result and alexander and sasha barely touch. i like sasha.

    1. the comment box was doing weird things and i couldn’t finish…

      I wasn’t a fan of the scarf tying routine. actually i haven’t liked a whole lot that Sonya has done this year. Travis’ routines have been spectacular as usual.

      can’t wait to see what’s up for this week.

      just saw sarah’s comment. melanie totally looks like felicity with her pixie cut!

      1. I loved Nick, too, of course (I have a huge soft spot for tappers) – I thought he got screwed by a bad partner matchup as well. I wanted them to keep Missy and Nick that week and send the others home. I feel as though there hasn’t been good variety with the choreographers this season so far – Sonya is doing too much. Although, there has been a couple of new guys, and that’s exciting.

        Oh who am I kidding, all dance show is good dance show!

  3. Hey, nice new profile pic!

    My thoughts on Dance! Show!

    Jess: You nailed it, although I would also add that perhaps the worst thing about Jess is his feigned “Oh my goodness? REALLY!” at the compliments he gets from the judges. You can tell he’s trying to cover up the ego, but man, I totally don’t buy it. Although I do think his fox trot with Clarice from that week was the best of the night. (And YES, Clarice has great snap. A surprise really since her personality wouldn’t suggest that.)

    My favourite guy is probably Tadd* not because he’s the best but because of how well he’s doing given he’s a B-boy. Plus, I’m pretty sure he’s not crazy about Jordan but still does great partnering regardless.

    My favourite gal is Melanie. She’s had me from the beginning. Marko is great, so I’m fine with that pairing.

    (* as far as dancers go. I LOVED Robert as an entertainer. I laughed every second the guy was on screen, regardless of what he was doing. I’ll miss him. Hope he finds success on Broadway or something.)

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