Also A Talker

Little Miss Sunshine is a talker. By that I mean every single thought that goes through her head comes out her mouth. She thinks it, she says it.

It sometimes gets very chattery around here.

I’ve stopped listening to the radio in the car because it’s way too distracting to have two voices talking at me at once. There’s no possible way for her to turn it off, so asking for silence is asking too much.

Today I picked her up from preschool and on the way home she said all of this without pausing or taking a breath:

Mommy, if you need to know where we are going you can use the map, it is that yellow book there, right in the middle of the car on that tray thing, it shows all the roads and the streets and the highway and the buildings and the trees and the roads, anywhere you want to go in the world, just look at the map, I’m the map!, I’m the map! I’m the maaaaaaap, but you have to go around the squirrel tree, then through the woods, and over the troll bridge, and that’s how you will get there, and wouldn’t it be funny, Mommy, to have a monkey like Boots, with boots on? ha ha! and know what rhymes with monkey? I don’t know anything but I do know a funny rhyme, it is crocs and socks, isn’t that SO funny? ha ha! and when we get home I want a chocolate milk and a big snack, and I want to watch a show, and it will be a fabulous show, know what it is? High School Musical, and why are there trees on the highway, is this still the highway, and did you check the map?


She’s even like this when she’s by herself. She’s very introverted, and she’ll go in the playroom to play by herself (I am NOT invited), and then she’ll sit there and voice every little scene in her small dramas.

Hola, my name is Diego, oh hello, I am Barbie, do you like animals? I like animals, this is a penguin, they are birds but they do not fly, aribaday! aribaday! someone is in trouble, we can take the sled, I like to go sledding, but in winter it is cold and summer it is hot, we can go swimming instead, vaminos, de nada!


It’s adorable. I sometimes have to cut her off – mostly when trying to park the car – but otherwise I try to let her prattle on as much as possible. It’s fascinating to see the inside of a three year old mind, laid bare for anyone to hear. Her world is my world, completely.

I’ll sure miss the background noise when she goes to school in the fall. Maybe this explains why my mother always had to have the radio on at home – she couldn’t stand the quiet. I was a talker too, and she must have gotten used to it.

Me too.

This post is for Brie’s series of Mommy Moments over at Capital Mom. This week’s theme was talking.

11 thoughts on “Also A Talker

  1. CapnPlanet

    Awesome. I know before I became a parent this would have driven me nuts if someone else’s kid did this. Now I just love hearing my kids talk. Our younger is fairly chatty, though not nearly to the extent of what you’ve described. Just hearing him talk about what is going through his head is utterly fascinating. He just turned three, and the complexity of what he is capable of describing never ceases to amaze me.

  2. SO cute. Eve was the same. Sometimes I would sit outside while she was playing Barbies or in the bathtub and write down everything she said. Then I read it and realized if it was said by anyone who wasn’t three-to-six and playing with Barbies or action figures you’d swear the person was high. Which is kind of neat.

  3. really, I just laughed out loud. My son sits in the back of the car and quotes Dora and Diego too, I can’t wait til he gets to this point! Her conversations are hilarious! I don’t think they will ever get old!

  4. neeroc

    That is so sweet! V actually talked me to sleep tonight as I was supposed to be putting her to bed so I get the chatter in the house bit. And I love those candid moments when they’re off playing by themselves, having full conversations with their dolls, stuffies, imaginary friends .

  5. Marianne

    That’s pretty much how things sound around here too, only my daughter’s conversation is often based on Wonder Pets and Team Umizoomi rather than Dora and Diego, which we don’t watch. Sometimes it’s enough to drive me batty, and I have to remind myself it wasn’t that long ago I was wishing she’d learn to talk so I’d know what was going on with her. Now I know … in detail!

  6. Try to record some of it so that when she’s a teenager and you can barely squeeze two words out of her in a row, you can play the recordings so you will remember what her voice sounds like.

  7. Cute! Maybe being a writer is in her future.. If she could get those thoughts down and organize them, who knows what she could come up with.:)

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