Run Mommy Run

Over the next three days, we have a field trip, a soccer game, swimming lessons, yoga class, the National Capital Races, chess club, and dance class. And that’s just the things we have to do at a specific time, it doesn’t include all the errands and jobs around here that have to get done this weekend, plus there’s the Touch-A-Truck event and a fair on just up the road and about a million other things going on.

This always seems to happen in May and June. Every year I swear I will not overload our spring and yet, every year we end up spending these two months running from one thing to the next. There’s one day in June – June 19 – when we are quadruple booked with four super important things, all happening at exactly the same moment in time (dance recital, chess tournament, NAC tickets, visiting out-of-town guests). Still don’t know how we are going to handle that one. [Edited to add: Just realized this is ALSO Father’s Day! Sheesh!]

The field trip is this morning, and Little Miss Sunshine and I are off to the farm. This is the third field trip I have ever been on and it has POURED rain every single time. I’m not talking a little, “Welcome to Spring!” type shower, I’m talking torrential downpours that signal incoming hurricanes. I’m not complaining, I’m just pointing out that the teachers at my kids’ schools should perhaps think twice about asking me if I’m free for field trip duty in the future. As for today, I’m breaking out the bright yellow rain pants, so if you need hear of any planes that need to make emergency landings, I’m available.

As for the National Capital Races, I’ll be “running” the 2K with the girls tomorrow evening, and Sir Monkeypants and the Captain will be running (for real) the 5K. The Captain has been training for this for a few weeks and we’ve been impressed with his dedication and interest. He’s not the sportiest kid around but he seems to really enjoy running, and we’re happy he’s found something active he likes. Cross your fingers for good weather for us tomorrow – at least it’s not a field trip!

7 thoughts on “Run Mommy Run

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    I was at the farm yesterday on the JK field trip. This is the 3rd JK field trip at the farm that I’ve been on and every year it rains. Luckily, there were just a few sprinkles and it wasn’t too bad. Today, though, I think you’re screwed. There is a well deserved cup of tea / wine (or 2) in your future.

    Have fun with the run – I think it’s great that the whole family is doing it. Run Captian Run!!!

  2. Have a fun-filled weekend. I’ll probably be driving by the farm at some point this morning so I’ll keep me eyes out for those bright yellow pants.

    Wishing you and your family lots of fun on the runs tomorrow. I’m wishing you dry weather.

  3. nadinethornhill

    The Great Glebe Garage Sale, Race Weekend and now Touch-a-Truck? Seriously, why is EVERYTHING this weekend?

    The MoMs will also be running the 2K with our son. I’m supposed to run the 1/2 on Sunday, but my torn cartilage may sideline me. At any rate, good luck to you and the fam…maybe we’ll see you at the finish line!

  4. I will look for you at the 2K, which I’m running with DS1. And then I’m tackling the 10K, for the first time, on DS2’s third birthday, the day before I leave for a business trip in Toronto. Running right beside you 😉

  5. whoa! now that’s over loaded. thanks for reminding why it’s a good thing to have only one kid. 😉

    how did the captain do in his race? it’s awesome that he and sir monkey were doing it together. i hope the jb and the hubby find something to do together too. well, something other than video games that is.

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