Ms. May

Man, I love Elizabeth May. Everything that comes out of that woman’s mouth is just so darn sensible. Every time I see her on TV or hear her on the radio, I find myself nodding along in agreement. With EVERYTHING. Why is it so hard for all the other parties to see the obvious?

This morning I heard her on the CBC talking about Parliamentary Reform, and what needs to be done to make our system work again (representatives free to vote as their constituents would like, rather than towing the party line; coalitions or other alliances encouraged and approved; Senate abolished or made elected; crazy amounts of power given to the Prime Minister’s office, when he is not even elected to the position directly, removed). And I was like, yes, yes, and more yes.

I was reading a while back on Milan’s blog about how maybe the Green Party should restrict themselves to talking about the environment only. The idea behind it is that the Greens have important stuff to say on the environment, but if someone is turned off by their opinion on a lesser issue – say, their immigration policy or their health care plan – they will reject the whole party. Personally, I think the role of the Greens right now is to bring in some fresh blood and new ideas. And to be sensible. And if Ms. May has ideas on anything plaguing Canada right now, I want to listen. She just makes sense.

The really frustrating thing for me in this election, and indeed every election, is that my riding sucks. It’s considered a Conservative “safe seat” in that I don’t think we have ever elected anyone who was not a conservative, federally or provincially. In fact, my riding is the only one east of Manitoba to ever elect a Reform candidate – stand proud, my brothers! If there were something to the right of the Conservatives – and then something farther to the right of THEM – my neighbours would be all over it.

So although the Liberal party has produced an excellent candidate here (shout out to Karen McCrimmon!), she has no chance. Whether I vote for the Greens, or the Liberals, or the NDP (who have totally and rightly given up here by offering up a sacrificial lamb of a new-grad candidate), it’s like throwing my vote away. Don’t get me wrong, I will be there on voting day and I will cast my vote. But all the time I am investing in learning about the issues and researching my local candidates and carefully weighing my decision feels…meaningless.

Everyone around here has already decided to vote Conservative (the number of conservative lawn signs on my street is FRIGHTENING); my riding even throws tons of money at the local candidate and the party on an annual basis. It’s all just so FRUSTRATING.

As I get older I find I care so much more about things, but it feels like my vote just does not matter. How is it I ended up living in a place like this?

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  1. Climate change is probably the most important issue for Vanada right now, but the major parties are barely even thinking about it. I think the Greens should focus on climate, and leave less important issues to one side for now.

  2. I’m in your riding too and feeling the same frustration that my opinion likely won’t have much effect come voting day given the riding’s history and the incumbent conservative candidate. I’m still undecided as to where my support will go this time around. I haven’t had a chance yet to catch Ms. May’s CBC appearance, but I’ve been impressed with her in the past. I’d be increasingly interested in a Green party that has something substantial to say on issues other than just the environment, because I have difficulty supporting a one-issue party.

  3. I guess the only bonus (and it isn’t a great one) to living in our riding is that I am free to vote my conscience. No strategic voting for me. Since my vote will never get the candidate elected, at least it will get them $1.70 towards their party 🙂

    There is not one conservative candidate sign on my street (yet). A few liberals so far. Maybe they conservatives haven’t canvased my street yet.

  4. It’s unlikely my riding will end up anything but NDP (it’s been NDP for… well, maybe since the dawn of time), but I suppose it being so left, there’s a chance for Green or even Liberals to win.

    So although you can’t do much in your riding, you can use your voice (and your blog) to share your thoughts and perhaps persuade those in ridings where a change can be made.

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