This is Sandy.


Sandy used to be my Barbie, but now she belongs to Little Miss Sunshine. Little Miss Sunshine wanted me to make her a wedding dress, so I did.

Now Sandy has a problem. She’s all dressed up, without a suitable partner to complete the deal.

I know, you’re thinking Davin, right? But he’s been rejected, because a) he is not a Prince, and b) when invited to attend a practice wedding, to see how it would go, showed up in shorts and a t-shirt.

I said BLACK TIE, Davin

A girl has to have some standards, am I right?

We actually have another boy doll. He even IS a Prince – he is the Prince/Beast from Beauty and the Beast. And he dresses pretty snappy.

Sorry, you're just not my type

But he is an outcast among the Barbies. He is not allowed to play with the group under any circumstances. He’s been rejected by the Little Miss and Gal Smiley, barely being allowed to remain in the Barbie drawer, and then only if he doesn’t speak or complain or ask to wear any of Davin’s cool outfits.

We also have a Belle doll, and even she will have nothing to do with him.

I don't care what the book said, I'm into surfer dudes

Personally I think he’s being slighted by the ladies because he doesn’t have a proper name. Although truth be told, Belle always has had a little thing for Davin.


Poor Sandy. Always a bridesmaid…well, that doesn’t seem to quite capture the situation. But while we’re waiting around for Mr. Right, she sure does make a good couch buddy.

What channel is Grey's Anatomy on, again?

8 thoughts on “Sandy

  1. At least Sandy can wait for Mr. Right while fully clothed, which is more than I can say for most of the Barbies in our house. We have a ton of Barbie outfits, yet for some reason or another the poor dears are almost always completely naked.

  2. Yeah, unfortunately I think Davin and the prince have a little thing going on – Sandy might have to branch out. Don’t you have a nice virile Buzz Lightyear lying around somewhere?

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