My Other Blog Is A Porsche

One reason I haven’t been as bloggy this winter as usual is that I’m spending a lot of my creativity on another project. I feel like such a harlot!

Back in November, I started my own Project 365. Since then, I’ve taken at least one picture a day, usually a dozen or more, and written about them as well.

This project started as a way to help my mom feel closer to our family. She lives seven hours away, and we only get to see her a couple of times a year. I used to have a website that I updated frequently with photos of the kids, but it’s been more than two years now since I got around to uploading any shots. I still take the pictures – hundreds every month – but finding time to sort them, name them, and code the pages for the website was becoming impossible.

So I had this idea that I’d take at least one photo every day and send it to my mom, along with an email describing the shot and maybe with an anecdote or two from our day. She loves it, and surprisingly, I do too. It’s kind of like keeping a diary of our daily lives – unlike the blog, where I feel the need to come around to some sort of point, I can just blather on to my mother about how I feel about what the kids did today, worries I have about their growth and development, and issues I’m having with getting them to eat a freakin’ vegetable, already. It’s kind of like having another blog, with a readership of one.

I like documenting the little things that happen around here, shots of impromptu board games or someone snuggling up with a book, maybe a pic of tonight’s dinner or a pie I’ve made. Right now almost all the photos I take have a kid in them, so I don’t have too many to share just yet. But over the course of the year I’d like to try taking more “artistic” shots, and we’ll see how it goes. I have no plan to become the next great photographer or anything, but it’s a fun hobby and I hope to get better.

Don’t worry, Turtlehead – you’ll always be my first love. But I hope you don’t mind if I experiment a little on the side.

Spinning Little Miss
Gal Smiley In The Woods
Nail Polish
Baking Day
Temporary Tattoos

6 thoughts on “My Other Blog Is A Porsche

  1. Aww, what a fantastic way to keep in touch with your mom! I know that Beloved’s family really enjoys the pix of the boys I post. And not having to edit things for public consumption would be such a huge relief!

    I love the pix you posted so far — the one of your daughter twirling is precious!

  2. great shots. i love the shinny nail polish! those sweets don’t happen to be gluten free do they? in search of gluten free sweet recipes.

    sounds like a fun way to keep the mom in touch. though the thoughts of the 365 project totally overwhelms me! i look forward to seeing more pics.

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