Man, I haven’t blogged in forever. There’s no good reason why, time has just been flying by and I have no account for it. Someday I’ll be sixty five and the kids will be in university and all I’ll be able to say about these years is, “I made a lot of muffins and surfed a lot.” Now that’s legend…ary.

I’ve had a terrible cough for the past three weeks that is preventing me from sleeping, and usually I’d be all over that with a cranky blog post about how life is SO HARD and I am SO SICK, but despite the lack of sleep and the hacking up a lung every three minutes, I’m still cheerful. In February. No whining about winter, no bitterness when the green bin goo freezes to the bottom, not even a peep about snow pants and five-point-harnesses.

What gives? I’m actually starting to wonder if my happiness is some sort of symptom of a fatal disease. If this were an episode of House, he’d totally think my joy is not normal. Then he’d diagnose me with something horribly painful, and I’d die at the end of the episode with a smile on my face, which is about as happy an ending as House ever gets, so I guess that’s good. But still, the little flicker of worry is starting to HARSH MY BUZZ. Knock it off.

Speaking of TV, did anyone catch Ken Jennings on Jeopardy these past three nights? If I’d had my act together I would have blogged about it in advance, although KenJen mentioned it on his own blog and of course, you all follow that faithfully, don’t you? Anyway, Ken lost to the mega-computer Watson, but I don’t care, he’s still the coolest dude on TV as far as I’m concerned. Ken, Mindy, call me! We’ll do dinner.

And in other TV news, I totally got sucked into watching Survivor last night – Sir Monkeypants had it on while I was making up Super Mario Bingo Cards for the Captain’s upcoming birthday party. Eventually I had to put the laptop down because OMG, Best! Episode! Ever! Jaw dropping twists! Larger than life personalities! People who think they’re in charge, totally outwitted! People who think they’re in charge acting like asses, and being called out for it! I’ve been away from Survivor for years but I’m already totally committed to this season. LOVED IT.

And now, I must toddle off and make some muffins, finish those Bingo cards, and otherwise putter my life away while whistling a happy tune. What IS wrong with me, anyway?

11 thoughts on “Puttering

  1. argh, tell me about snow pants and 5-point harnesses. i am trying to stuff the jeelybean full of crap to get him to that ever elusive 40lbs mark. the gastro of this past weekend didn’t help the cause.

    harsh my buzz – heeheehee

  2. Maybe you have undiagnosed RWF (Royal Wedding Fever)? lol Either way, just run with it Lynn… and keep whistling a happy tune. 🙂 That’s awesome.

  3. By any chance is your calendar a little clearer? I think before your angst was driven by overcommitment and you had plans to knock off a few things. If you’ve succeeded at that, I’m sure it’s giving you much peace and relaxation. That would make anyone happy!

    (I, on the other hand, have swung in the other direction. Not even my honeymoon bliss can get me out of my current funk, a cause of being ridiculously overbooked and overworked these days.)

  4. I have that cough too. Can I have some of the idiopathic cheerfulness too? Cause I’m also really bitchy, and I’m not sure hte antibiotics are going to cure that.

  5. I hope Rogers has Survivor On Demand cause I missed the first episode and now I HAVE to see it! Glad you are feeling happy. It’s a good place to be 🙂

  6. I was totally cheering for Ken, which is bad of me considering where I work. But c’mon! It’s Ken! Ya gotta cheer for Ken.

    Every now and then I feel a tinge of guilt that I haven’t managed to blog much lately, and then when I realized you hadn’t done many posts lately either I felt better. As long as I have good company, I’m happy.

  7. My legacy will be the same, except I make cookies not muffins. :)We’re watching American Idol over here. Oy. It’s awful, I may have to switch to Survivor now that you’ve told me this. I have that same cough and cold and it’s dragging on and on and on. I think I’ll try and follow your lead and whistle a happy tune. And um, did you notice you did like five blog posts in one here?

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