Censored Out Loud

My fellow blogger Bob LeDrew is part of an upcoming event that crosses over with the Blog Out Loud crowd. Bob’s a stand-up guy with a lot of interesting things to say about social media and communications. I almost never endorse events or products on this blog, but all Bob wants to sell you is a rocking good time, so that can’t be all bad, right?

Bob’s part of a group putting together a one-night reading of censored works – songs, books, poems, possibly even some blog posts. It’s called Censored Out Loud, and will feature several totally awesome and outrageous performers with plenty of experience at the mike. The idea is to draw attention to the issue of censorship, celebrate the idea that creation is powerful and should not be contained, and hopefully raise a little money for charity along the way.

When I think about all the nasty stuff I’ve said about Bell in the past for taking away my internet access for two hours, I can’t imagine how I’d feel if someone told me my words couldn’t be posted…ever. We take the freedom of self-publishing that comes with blogging for granted, I think, and it’s important to protect the idea that talking about stuff – even it’s controversial, even if it’s trivial, even if it’s related to poop – is how we learn and grow as a society, as a group.

The show takes place Wednesday, February 23, 2011, starting at 8:00 pm at the Raw Sugar Cafe, 692 Somerset Street West. There’s a cover charge of $10 (or whatever you can afford to pay), and proceeds are going to go to PEN Canada, an organization that fights for the right to create and read. Come on out and hear some great reading, and support a good cause.

2 thoughts on “Censored Out Loud

  1. Hmm, this event sounds interesting!
    Censorship is alive and well in Canada. Reading this reminded me of the Conservative government’s desire to block and censor some of our movies.

  2. Definitely worthwhile. I can’t personally envision myself venturing out on a weeknight, in the winter, AFTER seven o’clock in the evening. But I hope other people do. 🙂

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