Blog Out Loud 2011

I was just talking to FameThrowa about my new Blog Out Loud URL and she was all, “What??” and I was all, “Didn’t I tell you?” and she was all, “No,” and I was all, “Well, I guess I better do that.”

So, I have a URL. And a logo too!


Very exciting.

I’m planning on putting the logo and URL on something to give away as swag at this year’s BOLO. What do you think – bookmarks (cheap), magnets (more expensive, but within budget), or pens (super cool, would totally blow the budget, but LIVE LARGE, people!).

The quest continues for a day and time. I’ll be scoping some places out next week and hopefully have full details soon.

14 thoughts on “Blog Out Loud 2011

  1. 1) triple heart the new logo. 2) the new url is awesome! 3) you need to start charging or find a nice benefactor to have a little budget. 4) holy crap! is bolo just around the corner! ack!

    let me know if i can help with anything.

  2. Awesome! Do you have sponsors? How are you raising $$ for bling? Maybe set up a community tip jar? I’d kick in $$ to help cover costs, or maybe charge $10 speaking fee or $2 admission fee?

    Sorry, not the question you asked, but you piqued my interest with the funding idea! I like magnets and retro jacket pins myself. And pens *are* cool!

    I’m excited! Are you already planning for July? That seems so faaaaar.

  3. Ooooh it looks fantastic!!! Very nice 🙂 I can’t wait for BOLO this year…it’ll be around my one year blogiversary! I’m happy to throw in $$$ and help too.

  4. LOVE the logo and LOVE that you are back in the BOLO game this year! I so enjoyed the evening last time. Thinking of stacking the room with a bunch of my baby-boomer friends who really need to get on board with this!!

  5. Love the logo and url… and so sad that I probably won’t be at BOLO this year. It was awesome last year. But, you never know, I’ll be making my way back to Ottawa regularly for my job, so maybe I can just schedule a trip at the same time as BOLO!

  6. BOLO is baaaaack. Oh, I hope I can make it this year!
    I agree with charging a small admission as well as a speaker fee. I’d totally shell out ten bucks for the privilege!

    re: magnets and swag. I’m not a huge fan of little trinkets myself (unless it was a really fabulous pen or business card holder), but you should ask around for sponsors. Cupcakes, for example, would be great. 🙂

  7. Karen

    Back with a bang! That’s awesome and wild horses couldn’t keep me from going this year. I can’t wait to see everyone read!

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