Kitchen Comfort

Able to Prepare Thanksgiving Dinner: My own kitchen

Able to Cook a Family Dinner:: My mother’s kitchen, but mostly because she still lives in the same house I grew up in, and almost everything is still in the same place it always was; also LittleSis’s kitchen

Able to Put Away All the Clean Dishes, Even That One Weird Appliance That Only Gets Used Twice a Year: My mother-in-law’s kitchen

Able to Prepare a Bowl of Cereal For the Kids: My sister-in-law’s kitchen

Able to Help Myself to a Glass of Water: Mrs. Carl Sagan’s, MyFriendJen’s kitchens

Able to Stand Around Looking Confused Until Someone Helps Me Find A Glass of Water: the kitchens of FameThrowa, Lucky Sevens, MyFriendAgi, RheostaticsFan

Able to Carry Completed Trays of Food to the Table: Kitchens of most of our other friends

Able to Point in the Direction of the Kitchen: at McDonalds, Lone Star, Swiss Chalet

Able to Sense that a Kitchen is Possibly Nearby: at Tim Horton’s, The Works

Able to Believe that Food Appears Through Use of a Magic Table and Mysterious Chanting: at Costco, the Superstore, and every hotel wedding I have attended

6 thoughts on “Kitchen Comfort

  1. Maybe I’m just dense, but I don’t understand the theme of this meme.

    Are you trying to say that in these kitchens you’re able to do these things? For example, the second one. Does that mean you’re able to cook a family dinner in mom’s or LittleSis’ kitchen as well as your own?

  2. smokingtoaster

    I agree, it’s a little confusing what’s going on in this post. But I’m guessing you’re trying to describe your own comfort level with all of the different kitchens you’ve listed.

    I’m surprised you’re so lost in FameThrowa’s kitchen. Is that because it’s a new kitchen??

    I once went to a vegetarian restaurant run by monks and you could actually hear the chanting in the kitchen.

    Mmmm …. Swiss Chalet. If we do our July trip as planned, only six months to go until I get some magic SC dipping sauce.

  3. ok, i want o know where this monk vegetarian restaurant is. i would totally be into that.

    i tend to make myself comfortable in anyone’s kitchen and will help myself to water, tea, food, etc after the first visit and i have had the chance to scope out where everything is.

  4. Hm…smokingtoaster lives in San Francisco so I assume that this is not the place she had in mind. I’m up for a field trip but I am wary of vegetarian restaurants – in the past it just hasn’t been my thing. How do you feel about pubs?

    1. smokingtoaster

      You’re right. It was a restaurant somewhere in Sydney (Australia). I couldn’t think of the right word when I was posting, so I said “monks”, but I meant “Hari Krishna’s”. No offense intended. The restaurant in the link definitely looks like it has the same vibe, though.

      Pub, eh? I wouldn’t have pegged you for a pub girl, Lynn. On my next trip to Ottawa, I expect a pub crawl!

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