40 Years and…I got nothing.

So here we are. Age 40. Today’s the day.

My older sister called and asked the required question, “Feel any different?” I had to say no. Today is, so far at least, just like any other day. Get up, get three little bodies dressed, make lunches. Sort, wash, and fold six loads of laundry (laundry day waits for nothing). Do some dishes, make soup for dinner, take Little Miss Sunshine to the library.

So I’m not feeling very reflective at the moment. I feel as though I should say something of lasting importance as I stand at the top of the mountain, preparing to roll down the other side, but yeah. Because it’s there, that’s why.

Lest you feel all sorry for me on my everyday-birthday, let me remind you that this the Month Of Turning 40, and I’ve already been through multiple celebrations, with more to come. Tomorrow I’ll be at World Trivia Night with Julie, Allison, and Mary Lynn (squee!!), along with commonly mentioned Turtlehead peeps LuckySevens and MyFriendJen, and it’s going to ROCK. If you’ll be there too, come and say hi to us and get some candy – we are table 304.

I also had a big birthday party of my very own last Saturday. After hemming and hawing for ages, I committed to the Pie Party.


Party Table

I made six pies for the party: Lemon Puff, Molasses Lemon, Apple, Peach, Chocolate Mocha, and Maids of Honour, which are little jam and cake filled tarts.

I was going to Twitter through the pie making process but I was too angry. If I had had a chance to get to the computer, I’m sure I would have written something like this: “Number of pies so far: 3; Number of times I have said Fuck: 1354.”

And so on, with escalating numbers the whole way. It wasn’t pretty. The kids had a PD day on Friday so they were there the whole time. I figure after that they’re probably ready to see a Bruce Willis movie. The language will actually be tamer.

Anyway! The party was awesome, many people brought pie so we had a total of 10 pies, and that was goooooood. I intended to take a thousand pictures of the party, but I was too busy talking to people. It’s so weird when you’re at a party and you know absolutely everyone. Every time I turned around, there was someone else fabulous to talk to! It was SUCH a good time.

You’ll just have to be content with these few pics I snapped of the pies themselves before the party started.

Molasses Lemon Pie and Lemon Puff Pie
Peach Pie
Chocolate Mocha Pie
Maids of Honour
Pie on the Table

I sent as much pie home with the guests as I could in these take-out boxes I got at the Bulk Barn, but Sir Monkeypants and I still had the equivalent of more than two pies left over. The next morning I could not even LOOK at food, let alone pie. I thought I was cured of the pie thing forever, but by Tuesday I did manage to choke down one piece.

Right back in the saddle, that’s how we do it around here. Bring on 41!

18 thoughts on “40 Years and…I got nothing.

  1. Happy Birthday! Those pies look outstandingly delicious. As fellow 40 year old, are you tired of hearing “40 and Fab” or “40 is the new 30” ??? Ugh…we need some new catchy phrases. Have a wonderful birthday and an awesome 40th year. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. MrsCarlSagan

    Hey you’re 40 – you can say Fuck as many times as you want to! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Pie Party was FABULOUS. You were so happy and relaxed (in the aftermath of all that swearing-while-baking). There were so many lovely people to chat with and so much deliciousness. I had a bit of a pie hangover the next day.

    Good Luck tomorrow night – Happy Birthday!

  3. I’m totally having a crappy day at work, but paused to read your post and it made me smile. Well, not the bit about you being angry and cursing a lot (though wait–no–I actually did smile in a ha ha–been there, done that while baking sort of a way). But I especially grinned at the Squeee! and the at amazing pie pictures.

    Hope you have a wonderful 40th birthday today, Lynn. So looking forward to meeting you and all the other wonderful Ottawa peeps who’ll be at World Trivia Night tomorrow!

  4. Yeah, it’s the birthday month that counts, not the actual day (unless you have kids in school full days and Pam, then the day kicks pedicure Mongolian food ass). Happy forty-is-most-definitely-something-cooler-than-fab. I said fuck in front of Eve for the first time a couple of weeks ago. She said “that’s okay Mom. We’ll just pretend you were saying seal in French.” Occasionally my kids are awesome.

  5. Happy happy birthday! I just recently turned 41 and it was not fun – definitely a meh sort of day. I empathize entirely. 40 is an adjustment – and besides, you still look about 23 (which I think is about when we first met) so dismiss 40. It’s just a number – and you are way more than a number!!!

  6. Happy Birthday! May you continue to enjoy your month of celebration, bask in the glory, etc. WTN sounds like a great way to both party and show off the instant wisdom that comes with being 40.
    The pies were truly awesome and a fun way to celebrate. Thanks for sharing your talents! ‘Twas a fun gathering. Cheers!

  7. LuckySevens

    Happy Birthday!!

    I agree, the pie party was a lot of fun. But most of all I am looking forward to tomorrow night. We will rock at the trivia!

    See you tomorrow birthday girl!


  8. Welcome to the club, Lynn. I just want to point out that it was YOUR part, so WTF are you doing, doing ALL THE WORK? As we slide into middle age, the goal should be working LESS. Sorry to yell. It had to be said ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Melanie

    Belated happy birthday, Lynn! Those pies look delicious, and I’m soooo envious of that fabulous punch bowl. I’d throw parties just as an excuse to use it ๐Ÿ™‚

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