On Saturday evening, I went to the NAC to see the Pops concert Gotta Dance with my sisters. It was the first event in my Month Of Turning 40, which includes several parties and outings and opportunities to eat sugar. I was actually planning a very quiet birthday this year, but then I thought, what the hell, LET’S PARTY. And so we shall.

Side note: My friend Lee Ann says that when you turn 50, you get a WHOLE YEAR of parties. BRING IT ON.

Anyway, part of the NAC concert featured a dance from Swan Lake, which I have never seen, and I could not get over how lovely and beautiful and moving it was. Then my youngest sister sent me a link to this video, a version of the same dance but performed by the Great Chinese State Circus.

It is just ridiculous. Insane. Unbelievable. You go watch now.

5 thoughts on “THAT. IS. CRAZY.

  1. Ok, so while totally insane and really cool to watch…it’s not at all ballet. It’s a circus spectacle. A good one. Set to Tchaikovsky. But it lacked the grace and beauty of the traditional Pas de deux.

    That said, my jaw hit the floor when he started walking around with her en pointe on his bicep. And I laughed out loud when she started to pirouette on his head…

  2. Party on Turtlehead! Dance, sing and eat pie! I wouldn’t recommend dancing on people’s heads though – looks a little precarious.

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