Wiping Out Hunger

The Captain’s school is doing this campaign called “erasing hunger” or “wiping out hunger” or something, where they have to bring in canned goods. So on Friday I put two cans of soup in his backpack.

I told him, “Captain, here are two cans for your can drive, put them in the box when you get to school.”

Friday at pickup time, he comes out and says, “Mom, I had to bring the soup home.”

Me: “Why?”

Him: “They have food in them.”

Me: “Um, exactly.”

Him: “But they don’t want the soup.”

Me: “What’s wrong with soup?”

Him: “It’s food!”

Me: “Exactly!”

Him: “They want CANS. You have to empty the cans. They do not want food!”

Me: “Oh honey.”

And then I explained that the idea was to stamp out hunger using FOOD, not using cans. Although those who have fallen on hard times probably COULD use the extra iron.

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