Dance Show Ho Hum

You know, I remember when I thought about Dance Show so much that I just HAD to blog about it. In fact, keeping it to just one blog post per week was a huge restriction. I wanted to talk about Dance! Show! all day, all night. Where have those days gone?

My younger sister was here to watch dance show with me this week, and we were talking about how this season’s All-Star format is a direct rip off of Dancing With The Stars. She said that people do not watch Dancing With The Stars for the format, they just wanted to see crappy half-celebrities fall on their butt. SO TRUE, NIGEL. You have somehow sucked the life out of dance show for me, and believe me when I say I am your biggest fan. FIX IT.

(Still wondering if the tour is coming to Canada, though. I should check that.)

Anyway! This week I learned that boy-on-boy contemporary just does not work for me. The Kent/Neil number was fine and all, but I don’t know, the deep passion and bare feet and blah blah just does not resonate for me as a typical male relationship, you know? I didn’t like it. Kent’s disco also kind of sucked, but Kent is invincible, so it doesn’t matter. He may as well come out and just wave at the girls in the front row and then skip off stage.

Also, Denis Richardson may be a dance god, but his choreography is ho hum at best. Adechike was robbed.

My favourite number of the night was actually the Lauren/Pasha tango. I’ve read on the internet that everyone else thought it sucked, though. So maybe I was just really tired. I also liked her number with Ade, but I love everything ever that has Ade in it. In fact, the only reason why I’d consider going to the tour this time – I’ve never been before – is because Ade will be there. He is so amazing!

And so, we come to the end. I was surprised that Adechike was the one to go home – undeserved, I thought, but after such an obvious campaign by the judges, I guess I should have expected it. I understand the judges are meant to offer their “professional” opinion, but their obvious agenda where Adechike was concerned was too much. It left a bad taste in my mouth and is yet another reason I’m not super excited about the finale.

Speaking of which, finale predictions:

  • The “super legendary” dancer who will be doing the hip-hop routine with Twitch will be NIGEL. GAG ME.
  • The boogie shoes number will be showcased or else you will hear me screaming in NIGERIA.
  • Kent will win. SHOCKING, I KNOW.
  • I may just fall asleep early. Sigh. Here’s looking toward Season 8.

7 thoughts on “Dance Show Ho Hum

    1. Now *that’s* dancing. Totally mind-blowing.

      In other news, I saw an awesome movie this weekend called “Brick” which you must run out and rent IMMEDIATELY. Then return here so we can talk about it for HOURS. It’s a film noir starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

      Why are you still reading this? Go, rent, now!

      1. Nick

        I’ve heard of that! And have been meaning to watch it for a while now. I’ll definitely bump it up in the queue.

        Now that JGL has done Inception (and he’s great in it), he’s on the verge of massive stardom. Glad to see him get his just desserts. I love it when a young star makes interesting career choices and winds up being rewarded for them.

        Another JGL movie you should check out is called “The Lookout”, which was great also.

  1. SirMonkeyPants

    Did you say “Dance Show Ho Hum”? I think that’s what you said? It’s definitely what I heard you say.

    I had thought you haven’t been listening to me all these years!

  2. Not a big fan of this format, at all. Wonder what the Canadian version (starts Aug. 15) will do. I hope it stays old schoo

    This week, I thought that tango was spectacular. For once I thought that stage wasn’t in the way. Loved Robert’s Hip Hop too.

    I actually thought Adechike was the worse of the four dancers that night (with Kent coming in a close third and I did love the dynamic between him and Neil.) His afro-jazz thing was tight, he just didn’t have the fluidity of movement that whoever it was he was dancing with. And the other piece was well… fine. It just wasn’t exceptional. Can we just stop doing disco? Please? (Kent was aweful.) Think I’m the only person who did not like Lauren and Ade’s piece… it just did nothing me.

    Anyway, next week Kent wins. Then we hope they go back to the other format.

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