One Moment In Time

Captain: Hey Mom, check out this Lego war I am building between the bounty hunters and Jedi. Who do you think will win, the good guys or bad guys?

Me: The good guys.

Captain: Why?

Me: Good always triumphs over evil.

Captain: I should mention that the bad guys have a deep-fried turkey.

Me: What? How is that going to help them?

Captain: Okay, I just said that to be funny. But they do have a sausage.

Me: A sausage.

Captain: Yes.

Me: And what do they need a sausage for?

Captain: In case they get hungry, of course!

Me: Well, I guess that means the bad guys are going to win!

7 thoughts on “One Moment In Time

  1. Bahahaha! Great imagination. Sausage is my weapon of choice too. The enemy never sees the mustard coming! Does that make me a bad guy?

  2. neeroc

    Deep fried turkey sounds like a pretty good weapon, but I can see where sausage might be more portable. Good luck anyways good guys!

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