Winding Down

I don’t have too much to say about Dance! Show! this week, except that Mia is AWESOME. Her opening number for the results show was seriously the highlight of my week. Here’s an idea: take a bunch of all stars and give Mia her own show, in which she just choreographs for them every week. BEST. SHOW. EVAH.

In other news, Stacey Tookey! She shocked me, what with the putting together of two amazing routines this week. I just loved the number she did for Billy and Ade. Both of them were amazing and the routine was so good. As for the Robert and Kathryn Go To War one…I watched this one for the first time while also a) having a conversation with Sir Monkeypants about who had sung the original version of the song (Belinda Carisle); b) explaining in great detail what was going on to Gal Smiley and the Captain; and c) watching Little Miss Sunshine out of the corner of my eye for signs of pooping in her underpants. And I STILL CRIED. That’s how good it was. Loved it.

I also really liked the hip-hop number Comfort did with Jose, to “Try a Little Tenderness.” Such an unusual song for hip-hop, and a fresh unusual style, and I really loved the choreography. Comfort was rocking, as usual. I’d love to see this one again in the finale, although I’m sure the judges think that the more emotional hip-hop the same pair did with Taboleon a few weeks back was better. I preferred this one, though.

I also ADORE Jean-Marc and France. So good to see them back on the show. The dancing for their two numbers was uneven but as usual, the concepts were SO good. Jean-Marc, you crazy kook! Call me!

On the down side, I really hated the number Lauren did with Allison. The problem there is that seeing the two women dance side by side, it was so obvious that Allison is a better dancer, so Lauren looked pretty bad by comparison. I’m sure that is why she ended up in the bottom three on results night. And as for the Billy/Robert Bollywood number — OH MY GOD, that was SO bad. TERRIFYINGLY BAD. What were the judges smoking when they gave it so much praise? No snap, not enough unison, and LORD, the faces on Robert. NIGHTMARES, I tell you.

So now we’re down to the final four, and apparently there will be a fairly normal week this week with an America-led elimination, and then next week the final three (I assume?) will dance it off for the ultimate championship. Then Kent will win, Adechike will look adorably hurt and most likely be shirtless, Robert will look shocked to make it into the final three, and Lauren will get a nice “top girl” consolation prize.

The only question now is…will it be Billy or Jose who gets the last tour spot? Who would you rather see on the tour? I vote for Billy personally.

Okay, one other question – how come Shankman never does any choreography? Throw me a bone, people!

2 thoughts on “Winding Down

  1. I happy to finally see Billy and Jose go. Jose started to grate when he just didn’t have the chops to keep up, and Billy really does NOTHING for me. Doesn’t matter to me who gets the last tour spot really. I think Billy might be more useful though. The problem with Billy is that he is a really good contemporary dancer. Everything else he’s just sort of ho-hum at… he just doesn’t connect with me emotionally.

    Stacey’s going off to war piece was beautiful. But I’m starting to feel I’ve seen all of these routines before.

    The ballroom was much better this week.

    Why, oh why, do we make people do Bollywood? Awful doesn’t begin to cover it. No one looks good doing it. No one. They both looked like ass. (And I felt that both were kind of droopy near the end.) It’s a good thing Lauren was meh, this week because Robert would have gone home.

    I think Adechike or Robert might be going home this week though (probably Robert). We never “see” the results so they may give Lauren the number 3 spot. (Just saying.)

  2. i was wondering if lauren in the bottom three was staged. as soon as you saw that it was billy, jose and lauren, you knew automatically that lauren would be the one staying.

    i felt a little bad for jose who was basically told on tuesday night that this was it for him and that he was lucky to have survived this long. which is true, but still a ltitle harsh. i was glad to see him go.

    none of the dancers this year are really connecting with me. but i agree that kent will be the one that takes this home. i think that lauren will go to the final three. i think it will be robert that heads home tomorrow.

    i thought it might be a sonya number at the beginning of the results show. fa-bu-lous. i like your idea of a all mia all the time show. i’d watch it. of course jean0marc rocks! he’s canadian. 😉 nice to see some more ballroom, but since they have had so little of it this season they look more like the contestants at the beginning of the old version of the competition. know what i mean?

    The Go to War routine was fabulous. Loved the little twist at the end. I liked the more lyrical type of hiphop that Comfort and Jose did. I totally agree that the Bollywood routine SUCKED! i was shocked to hear all the praise. I thought they were going to be lambasted. boy was i wrong. maybe because i’ve actually seen some incredible bollywood dancing? am i am bollywood dance snob? yes. so be it.

    i thought i heard that jose had the last spot in the tour? maybe i miss understood?

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