Dance! Show! OW!

Well. I don’t even know what to say.

But of course, I will try.

What is UP with all the injuries this season? Injuries are boring. Injuries mean less dancing and predictable eliminations and fewer and fewer dancers availble to appear in the finale and on the tour. They suck. Cut it out, injuries. Be gone!

I do like their elimination solution this week, however. The judges obviously would prefer to keep Billy over Robert or Jose; however, sending one of them home and keeping Billy, when Billy actually could have danced but didn’t, seems really, really unfair. So keeping all of them — interesting choice, and we’ll see how that plays out.

Side note to Billy: last year on SYTYCD Canada, Emanuel Sandhu sprained an ankle AND broke two fingers on his hand, and yet danced every single week. Now that’s a dancer who wants it. Grow a pair, Billy.

(You’re still cute, though. Kisses.)

What’s up with Russell, out of nowhere, being added to the tour for this season? Was there no tour after Season 6? It’s a very odd mix of people they are bringing along this time. Of the all-stars, I’m really surprised they are not bringing Twitch or Comfort. As for this season’s choices, obviously Lauren and Kent will go (top girl, top boy) — but who do you think will be the “four dancers to be named later”? They implied last week that Ashley would go…I’d reckon Adechike, Jose, and Billy will be the other three. Thoughts?

Two will be eliminated this coming week…who will they be? Let’s look into the crystal ball…

1. Kent. Memo to screaming girls in the SYTYCD audience: STOP SCREAMING. I MEAN IT.

2. Lauren. LOVED her number with Twitch this week. One of my most favourite and fun hip-hops ever. Speaking of which, Twitch was a total MVP on the show this week. It’s too bad Billy was out but that stepping number with the clapping and stamping and stuff with Kent transcended into a classic just by the addition of Twitch. I adore him. So why isn’t he on the tour again? In other news, Lauren’s beach party number with Robert sucked. However, Lauren was great. (Sorry, ROBERT.)

3. Adechike. Is it just me, or does he get handsomer every week? I AM COUGAR. Thanks for the shirtless paso, Dmitri!

4. Billy. Here’s where the rankings get tough. I assume the voters will punish Billy for his “you can’t make me” attitude to Dance! Show! this week – but will the judges send him home? I think they’ll keep him over Jose, who they are gunning for, or Robert, who has somehow morphed these past two weeks into a cheeseball shaped as a human. Still, Billy could be in danger if he doesn’t put in a really solid performance this week.

5. Robert. Robert is still a good dancer but holy mackerel, does he ever need to get serious. He was okay with Lauren (the all star one, not the competitor one) – I didn’t love it, but it was passable – but his samba with Lauren (the competitor one, not the all star one) was awful! The faces! The overdone hip swivels! The goofy eye rolls and tongue action! Ugh.

6. Jose. I really, really adored the number Sonya did this week for Jose and Allison, along the edge of the stage. I thought it was brilliant and Sonya’s best routine ever. It was so different for her, and I’m loving this new direction. Jose himself was fine, but I do think this piece could have been so, so legendary with Kent or Adechike dancing it instead, which I guess suggests that Jose just doesn’t dance as well (duh). He also cannot rock a paso doble anywhere near as well as Legacy (Legacy — the original cougar bait! Yay!). So, I’m guessing it’s Jose who will go home. He’ll still get put on the tour over Robert, however, so he and Dominic can do their B-Boy thing in the really big show.

I’d also like to mention: totally called it on the Wade Robson routine for Neil and Lauren in their all star showcase. Oh yes, I am a Dance! Show! Goddess. In other news, having Allison and Lauren strut around behind Enrique was a little scary, don’t you think? Yipes.

Next week – two go home! Ade dancing with Allison, or maybe Kathryn dancing with Dominic! Here’s to an injury free week!

4 thoughts on “Dance! Show! OW!

  1. I don’t care how good Billy is, he should have gone home when he decided not to dance. The drs said it was ok… so it was off to choreography with him. There were any number of dancers who were hurt including some rather seriously who danced anyway. And it’s completely unfair to the other dancers who didn’t get the week off.

    None of these guys is going to win. However, Billy goes home for being a wuss, and Jose for just not being able to do it.

  2. I agree with Nat. I think it’s Billy and Jose this week.

    Did you notice that a couple Kent and I think Lauren were in the opening number of the results show, but the other competitors weren’t? What kind of snub is that?

    I think Twitch isn’t on the tour because he’s too busy. Did you know he’s in the new Stemp Up (3D) movie. I squealed like a little girl when I saw him in the trailer (when I went to see Eclipse, so the sqeale wasn’t really nitoced!).

    The Paso with Jose and Adechike was TERRIBLE!! It made me uncomfortable with its awefulness. The dance on the dge of the stage was beautifully choreographed and it’s too bad it wasn’t two solid dancers that did it. I would like to se that one on the tour.

    Bye Bye Billy. Adios Jose.

    1. It was very hard to spot, but actually ALL the new dancers, save Billy, were in the opening number of the results show. This has been the theme for the past few weeks — the all stars are shining front and centre, while the new people are wearing dark clothes and dancing in the back row. If you still have it on the PVR, watch it again — you’ll see Robert at the very end on the far left of your screen in t he back row in a dark blue coat. WAY TO PROMOTE NEW BLOOD, SHOW.

  3. I totally hear you with Adechike. I think he’s getting cuter every week because he’s FINALLY bringing out this totally awesome personality that wasn’t there in the early weeks. Why? Who knows? Just glad he’s here now.

    But Legacy? Ew.

    As for Billy, I’ve felt the past couple of weeks he’s been a bit sulky. Been a bit deflated. A tiny, tiny part of me wonders if he was hoping to get sent home because of his “injury” and wanted to go out that way than to get cut. Hm….

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