Fight for Your Right to BOLO

Just two days left until Blog Out Loud! It’s this Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Irene’s Pub. If you’re in the Ottawa area, come on out. I’d love to meet you in person or see you again. If we haven’t met before, you can see my photo on my About Page. Come over and say hi!

I was going to include a cute anecdote here about how I went shopping last spring for a dress for a wedding with FameThrowa, and instead I found a wedding-unsuitable but so-cute sundress that fit like it had been made for me and was only $30. So I had to buy it, of course, and FameThrowa said at the time, “I’m sure you’ll get lots of use out of it,” and I have never worn it, not even once. So baring any crazy weather patterns this week, I plan to wear it to BOLO, which is very exciting.

But instead, I am forced to include a sad anecdote about how my right eye has been feeling kind of weird and burning these past couple of days, and this morning I woke up with a full-fledged eye infection. Eye swollen shut, goop oozing out, the whole bit. So now I have to go to BOLO and instead of making a smash with my dress, I’ll be answering questions about why I look like a half-dead zombie and whether or not I like to eat brains.

Do you think it would be too weird if I just wore sunglasses all evening?

16 thoughts on “Fight for Your Right to BOLO

  1. MrsCarlSagan

    I’m sure your cute dress will be the focus rather than your goopy eye….but just in case, you can get over-the-counter polysporin antibiotic drops for pink eye……treat both eyes as it is prone to spreading. Or, you could go with the sunglasses 🙂

  2. i promise to look at your pretty dress. now you’ve got me all worried about what to wear to the event. i wasn’t even thinking about that yet! eekk!!! i must now spend all of my time trying to figure that one out.

  3. Have you gone to a clinic for this eye infection? It sounds nasty!

    You could wear an eye patch. You could look like a sexy pirate in your new sundress! Arrrrr! 😉

  4. Must be something today in the stars for moms whose names begin with ‘L’. Woke with a lovely broken blood vessel in my eye, which had also been feeling a little irritated the past few days.

    Hope yours gets better quick.

    Sounds like an excuse to get a chic hat with a veil, like the one they wear to funerals in movies. In fact, I recall Samantha wore one the day she got a particularly aggressive chem peel on SATC. Could be a show stopper!

  5. Dude, my eyes were BURNING this morning. WTF? computer eye virus? Ditto on the polysporin eye drops. I use them for everything. Well, not really, but I use them whenever my eyes feel weird. Ditto also on now being dismayed that I have to figure out what to wear. Ah, why bother, you’ll still be way thinner and Julie will be way cooler. See you WEdnesday!

  6. i won’t be seeing you or your swollen eye….my dad invited me to gypsy kings on the same night. i can’t turn down a date with my pops! hope everyone has a great time!!!!
    hope you feel better soon….

  7. Smothermother — It’s Irene’s…have you ever been there? You seriously don’t have to worry about what to wear. But Lynn – I think everyone is right and you should wear dark glasses all night. It will make you look all bluesy and hip.

  8. OH, god. I am going to dress up too then. LOL. If only because I remember the photos. Also I want to seem cute and reasonable. Just like my blog post.

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