Peg Bundy

It’s weird how you can hear something in passing, maybe on the street or while you’re flipping channels on TV, that can change your worldview a bit.

This one time in university, I was watching Married… With Children, which by the way is a show I despise, so I’m sure I was watching under duress at my friend Gord’s house, as he is a sucker for a sitcom. Anyway, Peg was talking about what a cheapskate Al was, and by way of example, stood up, thrust out her chest, and declared, “I haven’t bought a new bra in A YEAR!”

I was so bewildered. Was that so unusual? At the time I owned three bras and I’d had them for several years, at least three or four. I’d wear one for half the week, another for the other half of the week, then the third on laundry day. I certainly didn’t have $100 to run out and buy a bunch of new bras.

Maybe Peg meant that she only had one bra, and had to wear it every day, and thus couldn’t even wash it for a year?

Or maybe I was supposed to be replacing my bras every three months, and I was inadvertently living in a swill of grossness?

I didn’t even want to think about how old my underwear was.

I bought a new bra a couple of weeks ago so that’s why I’ve been thinking about Peg. I don’t think I’ll give you any more detail about my current underwear situation but thanks to Peg’s influence I think I’m in a cleaner, newer place now.

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  1. i think i was just returning to work from mat leave when i bought my last bras. which makes it two years. and i am so desperate for new ones. these ones are long their last little hooks and the support just isn’t the same as it used to be. but knowning i am going to have to fork out $100 for a couple of bras. it’s a very hard pill to swallow.

  2. My weight has fluctuated rather wildly in the last 7 years, between pregnancies, breastfeeding, and diets that have succeeded for a time, and then regressing into my normal eating/non-exercising habits. I probably have about 10 or 12 bras at home, in varying sizes. Only 3 or them are the right size for me know, and another two of them will do okay if I’m desperate for a clean bra.

    The last couple of bras I bought were from Winners at an insanely low price, and I swear they’re two of the nicest and most comfortable bras I’ve ever had. Everyone lately keeps talking about these specialty bra shops where you can go and get fitted properly and yada yada yada $150 later you have a FABULOUS bra. I just smile and nod, and happily wear my comfortable inexpensive bras.

  3. I think that was supposed to be a funny line in the show. The writers were trying to convey that Peg wants something frivolous and thinks that Al is cheap for not letting her have it. I could be wrong.

    As you know, I recently spent nearly $300 on 2 bras after finding out I’m the weirdest size ever. I thought I’d just live happily with these 2 bras for years, at least until they started losing their support.

    But I like to mix it up a bit, so I’ve added 2 more bras to my collection. I think 4 is plenty though.

    I replace my bras when they stop seeming supportive, and that length of time really depends on the bra. La Senza bras, for example, seem to last 2 years tops! Now that’s cheap.

  4. I bought a new bra recently but I don’t like it. There is too much material, so it shows when I wear a tank top. It also hikes up when I lift my arms, frustrating!

    I hate bra shopping though, but hopefully I can find a better one soon!

  5. I think I work in Mary Lynn’s style – i.e. I have tons of bras kicking around, but few are actually nice, well-fitting ones. The ones I currently have that are my “nice” ones are from The Bay. I sat and waited to have one of their “bra fitters” sort me out. She was a very efficient sort and wore a white jacket like a doctor!

  6. I’ll spare you my lecture on properly fitting bras but like Fame Throwa I am an “odd” size by North American standards. You cannot find my size in a regular store and you can only find my “almost” size in a handful of them and only when the stars align correctly.

    I don’t buy bras every year but every couple of years when the support starts to go. There is nothing more uncomfortable than an improperly fitting bra.

  7. It was hard for me to get past “this one time in university . . . ” b/c I kept thinking “this one time at band camp . . . ” 🙂

    I am one of those who totally shriveled up to nothing after nursing three kids – I don’t know what size I am but almost no bras I have at home fit me right. Some will never fit me again, they are way too big for me. I bought a Lululemon sports bra and am embarrassed to admit that I now wear it every day. And occasionally wash it.

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