Same Size

There are almost three years between Gal Smiley and Little Miss Sunshine.

Round about when the Little Miss was one year old, I was thinking it would have been nice to have them closer together, only because then I wouldn’t have to store Gal Smiley’s hand-me-downs in bins in her closet for three years until the Little Miss was ready to wear them.

By the time the Little Miss was two, though, the lag time for clothes in bins was only one year. Gal Smiley is very small, and short, and skinny, and has a tiny little head, and as a result can wear very small clothes for a very long time. The Little Miss is still on the small side of the size chart, but at least falls into a normal-ish range, which meant that she was gaining on Gal Smiley, fast.

These past few months, we’ve realized that the Little Miss is going to pass Gal Smiley in size someday — sooner than we think.

Much sooner.

Last week, we were out buying a jacket for Gal Smiley and the store was having a buy anything, get something else free sale. She saw a fancy dress she liked and with FameThrowa’s wedding coming up, we told her she could get the dress as her freebie.

Size? 4/5.

A few days ago, I was out with the Little Miss and she saw a fancy dress she really liked. It was on sale, so I bought it for her for FameThrowa’s wedding.

Size? 4.

I must say, we never thought that our 5 1/2 year old and our almost-3 year old would wear the same size. Granted, the dresses are from different stores and the Little Miss’ dress is a bit big on her. BUT STILL.

I predict a lot of fighting in years to come. “That’s my sweater! Mom! She took my sweater!” Shudder.

6 thoughts on “Same Size

  1. Size is just so all over the map with kids.

    The Boy is 9, and almost a head taller than his cousin, 11. Almost exactly two years between them. Not just kind of taller. Full on taller. Sigh.

    I hope hand me downs don’t end going from youngest to eldest.

  2. Well perhaps they will have completely different tastes in clothes so there won’t be any fighting. (When it comes to the bathroom however….)

  3. My sister and I are only twenty months apart and at this point you’d be hard put to call us the same species. However, in high school I she had padded out her string-bean silhouette and I was not nearly the woman I am today and we loved sharing clothes. It’ll be fine.

  4. Best case scenario, they’ll share each others’ clothes and you’ll only have to buy half as much as you thought you’d have to!

  5. I can relate! My two boys are 18 months apart and they wear basically the same size. The 6 y/o is a slight bit taller than my 4.5 y/o, so his pants are a bit longer, but their waist and little tiny butts are exactly the same size. T-shirts are the same size. The fighting over clothes has already started, lol . . .

  6. i used to wear my sister’s things in high school and we are 5 years apart. she would leave earlier than me, so i could sneak in and take something. we wouldn’t see each other at all at school, well because what grade 11 wants to be seen with a grade 7! and then i would have it back in her closet before she got home. i only got caught once!

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