Still Here.

FameThrowa called me this morning just to make sure everything was okay, since I haven’t blogged in a dog’s age. And it is – we are still here and doing well, just busy. She suggested it would be a good idea to make a post notifying the world that I am not dead, so here you go. I must say it’s a nice side effect of blogging that people notice when you aren’t there.

Mostly I’ve been busy with PTA stuff – completely reworking the school website and wrapping up another project I’ve been working on for the school library. The shine is definitely off the rose (is that some sort of mixed metaphor? hm) when it comes to the PTA. Last year I was so gung ho, and even at the start of this year I was ready to work. Now I find I’m just so very tired of it all.

I can’t really say why the change – it wasn’t any particular incident and everyone has certainly been very nice and appreciative of my work and all that. It’s just that it is taking up so much of my time, and although I am doing it for my kids, they don’t really appreciate it. It’s just too nebulous to them right now that Mommy is Raising Money for the School, when they’d really prefer it if Mommy Was Reading Them A Book or Taking Them To The Park.

So next year I’m going to be taking a break from the PTA, and to ensure that I could feel good about that decision I had to wrap up a bunch of small to-do items that I’ve been putting off, and hence the quiet week around here. I didn’t even make a pie last week, I was so burnt out. Pie eaters of the world, I have failed you!

In other news, I have actually chosen a place for Blog Out Loud. Now if I could only get them to return any one of my hundreds of emails and phone messages to confirm the date, I could actually announce it. ARGH. I intend to storm down there on Thursday evening and force them to listen to me. I WILL BE HEARD. OUT LOUD. Get it? Oh, I crack myself up.

Anyway, hopefully there will be an announcement on that front next week sometime.

Now I’m off to make muffins, continue slowly extracting myself from the PTA, and continue being alive. Still here!

11 thoughts on “Still Here.

  1. I can’t really say why the change

    I think “time” is the change.

    When you put a lot of valiant effort into something and never see that thing improving or progressing, eventually your motivation will evaporate. Motivation is fed by results, recognition, change and progress, and it doesn’t seem that you’ve had much of that with this group.

    Everyone has their threshold, but eventually everyone wanders away from a lost cause.

  2. MrsCarlSagan

    Famethrowa read my mind…I was just about to e-mail you to see if you were still here. Hope the sleeping situation is getting better.

  3. I was just thinking about something similar. I’m on the board of my son’s preschool, so once a month, I miss bedtime. Tonight, I will be missing bedtime once again to go do some filing that the preschool desperately needs done. I’m sure he would much rather have me home reading stories too!

  4. So nice that you’re not dead. Way to be alive. Wish I could say see you at book club next week — why do all the book clubs meet on the same night? Why?

  5. Are you actually having a life away from this blog? Pas possible!!

    If you need any help with BOLO let me know. I have a bit of time on my hands.

  6. I was THIS close to sending you an email to make sure all was okay.

    I totally understand about the losing the pep to volunteer for the PTA. I often find my enthusiasm diminishes after a year or two of volunteering at any particular thing.

    And as a pie-eater of the world, I gotta say I don’t feel at all let down. Everyone deserves a rest every mow and then…even the pie-makers of the world.

  7. Oh goody. Bloggers keep talking about the next BOLO and what they’re going to read and whether or not they’re attending. It’s good to know there is actually one in the works

  8. I’ve been a leader with Girl Guides on and off since 1990, and I find that around March/April, I’ve pretty much lost all interest – I just want to be done so that I can spend my time elsewhere. By September, I’m usually interested & enthusiastic again. It could be the same for you with the PTA – after a year off, you might be interested in becoming more involved again. It’s far better to take a break than to keep doing it because you feel obligated to do so.

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