Kids in the Capital

Three of my online gal pals have started a new blog! It’s called Kids in the Capital, and it’s the brainchild of Lara of Gliding Through Motherhood, Brie of Capital Mom, and Vicky of Some Kind of Wondermom.

It’s all about activities and outings for kids in Ottawa. So if you’ve got a kid, check it out. Whether you need a day trip, a morning out, or just something to fill the two hours between school and dinner, they’ve got ideas.

I’ll be contributing from time to time as well. My first entry, on our recent trip to the Agriculture Museum, is already up.

They’re also looking for more contributors, and I think they’re planning on taking entries for the revolving photo that appears at the top of the blog. So if you’ve got some cuties to showcase, or a great idea for an Ottawa-area trip, craft, or activity, then hop on board!

6 thoughts on “Kids in the Capital

  1. When I see stuff like this I’m always so jealous that I had my kid before the interwebby really took off. I would have loved to have had not only resources like this, but also the opportunity to network with other moms through blogs and forums. Rah for them for taking full advantage of their good fortune!

  2. love the new blog. it’s already on my favorties list. gld you picked the farm. one of our favortie spots. the jellybean just loves the open spaces to run and play.

  3. Eve is already counting the days til farm camp — one of our favourite places. And yeah, I’m a loser at figuring out what to do with my kids, so this would have been welcome six to eight years ago. Oh well.

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