Life A La Gal Smiley

At the mall, after a lunch of Subway sandwiches and french fries:

Gal Smiley: I am SO stuffed. When we get home I don’t want to eat lunch.

Me: This is your lunch.

Gal Smiley: Oh! I thought it was crap.


In the car, on the ride home:

Gal Smiley: I wish I could marry my brother.

Captain: Yeah, me too. Why can’t we?

Sir Monkeypants: Well, when you get older you’ll probably think that idea is pretty gross.

Gal Smiley: Well, I guess I could marry some other guy, if he was nice. He would have to live with us, though.

Me: That’s okay. He can share the Captain’s room.

Captain: That’s cool.

Gal Smiley: No! He’s my boy, he’ll sleep on the floor in my room!


Now, what fine potential mate could turn down an offer like that, I wonder?

8 thoughts on “Life A La Gal Smiley

  1. Our kids have been saying they’re going to marry each other, too. We went through the whole “trust us–you’re not going to want to” argument, too, but they didn’t seem all that convinced.

  2. Is that the little girl version of this joke?

    Old Lady 1: Man, the food here is terrible.
    Old Lady 2: I know, and such small portions.

  3. Sort of like when I told Angus what movie we could watch together this afternoon and he said ‘yay! Sounds funny and inappropriate!’

    And my kids are marrying each other too. They wonder what people do when they don’t have siblings of the opposite sex (yeah, we’re not QUITE there yet, although Eve does have female Barbies who regularly marry each other…)

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