All The News

I made a new header for the Blog Out Loud site, and I love it!

BOLO Header

And I made a new header for A Crafy Mom’s new stamping blog, and she loves it!

A Crafty Mom Stamps

So that’s what I’ve been busy with lately. Besides PTA stuff. And BOLO stuff. And garage sale planning. And potty training — oh right, there are kids around here!

Also keeping me busy: FameThrowa got engaged!

Know what this means? Another website I get to design!

And also, a chance to be all SuperCrafty! With pretty pretty things! Pretty crafty things!

It’s busy times, but it’s good times.

13 thoughts on “All The News

  1. famethrowa

    God bless your craftiness! I have no craftiness. Zero. Zilch. I will allow you to fully stretch your craftiness all over my wedding. Go nuts!

  2. I’ve had tons of fabulous feedback on the header – you really need to start a business.

    Turtlehead Designs?? It has a nice ring 🙂

    I love the Blog out Loud header too – fantastic. And congrats to Famethrowa!

  3. Hey Turtlehead, Can I be your first client? I just started blogging recently and am really getting into it – think I need a custom header now. Seriously – let me know.

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