Whatever Will We Watch at 3 In the Morning Now?

So the Olympics are over, and I have to say, they were fantastic. I heard so many people from other countries say how wonderful Canada was, how excellent the games were, and how magical the whole experience was. Our athletes did amazing work out there, and there were so many uplifting moments and compelling stories and glorious playings of the national anthem. I felt really proud to be Canadian.

But I’m so very happy they are over.

You know, I used to think I watched a lot of TV. I’d say to our friends, “Did you see this week’s Lost? Are you watching The Amazing Race? What do you think of 30 Rock?” and it seemed to me that they’d always say, “Oh, we don’t hardly watch TV at all, I’d rather read or do something with friends.”

And then I’d feel like a total loser who is in a three-way marriage with Sir Monkeypants and the television.

However, it turns out that there are many, many more hours in the day in which I could be watching TV, as brilliantly highlighted by the 24-hour CTV Olympic coverage. These past two weeks, we’ve been obsessed. One of us would get up to a kid in the middle of the night, and instead of going back to bed, we’d pop on the TV to see what sport they were showing. Every evening, we’d stay up way past our bedtimes watching coverage of the good stuff. First thing in the morning, the TV went on so we could get an update on yesterday’s medals…and watch more highlights of stuff we’d already seen live.

Official CTV Olympic Motto: Why watch it once, when you can watch it three, four, or ten times?

Not that I’m complaining, I gladly watched events over and over again. More coverage! More! Prop my eyeballs open with a toothpick!

So last night after the big hockey game ended, Sir Monkeypants and I turned to each other like, “Oh, hey! You still live here?” It was like we hadn’t seen each other in two weeks…and indeed, I guess you could say that we hadn’t. We both felt this big whoosh of relief, a feeling like our life had been returned to us. Our fix is gone, and now we can actually get around to noticing our family again. Hey! Kids! There you are! How you been?

Still, the Olympics were amazing. Thank heavens we didn’t have the distraction of wondering what our representatives in Ottawa were doing — man, that would have spoiled my entire focus!

8 thoughts on “Whatever Will We Watch at 3 In the Morning Now?

  1. you’ll feel like a loser when you talk to me about tv. it’s ALWAYS on at our house. it’s like background noise.

    watching the game last night was very stressful. but i really enjoyed the closing ceremonies (after all the obligaroty stuff). it had me laughing out loud and put a smile on my face. what a way to end it!

    now back to our regularly scheduled TV watching, I mean, programming.

  2. I had a fabulous time watching the Olympics, but I have to admit I’m glad it’s over so life can return to (somewhat) normal. I’ve barely touched my blog in the last two weeks and our house is a complete disaster. It has been fun, though.

  3. famethrowa

    I can somewhat relate. Although I didn’t see as much of the Olympics as I wanted to because of the move, I still watched A LOT. I didn’t watch or do anything else in my spare time (what little of it there was) except keep up with Lost.

    When the Olympics ended yesterday, it did feel a bit strange. But although I enjoyed them, I’m glad they’re done. They’re just too much of a time suck! I need to get other stuff done.

  4. betsy mae

    I do feel really proud to be Canadian, don’t get me wrong I’ve always been proud to be Canadian, but the Olympics were pretty awesome. I didn’t watch a whole lot, PVR’d a bit and watched highlights but I still followed it. I especially loved and still feel this way is how many people said they LOVED the Olympics and how proud everyone is feeling. It’s not all that often that Canadians talk like that! Go Canada Go!

  5. I tend to trampoline around (ah, I’m so cynical, the Olympics is so commercialized — HOLY CRAP that was an AWESOME RACE — hmm, ironic distance, how healthy is it to devote four years of your life to — DID WE JUST WIN GOLD? — go practice the piano — GET OVER HERE AND WATCH THIS IT ONLY HAPPENS ONCE). So yeah, kind of nice to get back to what passes for normal on a good day.

  6. Sounds identical to our life 🙂 We were addicts and I’m still coming down off my Olympic high. Hard to get back into “regular” TV now too – nothing can compare!!

  7. Mr Hand

    Okay, I know you’re anxiously awaiting the new Glee episodes in April (Tuesday nights, set your PVR), but in the meantime…have you been watching Modern Family?

    Trust me on this: Modern Family.

    Wednesday nights, but you’ve got 16 episodes to catch up on too.

    1. Oh I know! We’ve been slowly catching up, I think we are four episodes into the season now. Already quotes from the show have totally taken over our household. I can’t get over what an awesome show this is. It’s the dawn of a new age of comedy, I tell you!

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