Black Bottom Pie

I made this week’s pie for a chocolate party we went to on Saturday. It’s a Black Bottom Pie, which is a layer of chocolate custard on the bottom, with a light and fluffy rum-flavoured custard on top.

Here’s the pie with the chocolate part added (the crust is already baked and finished):

chocolate part

And here’s what it looked like after the top layer was added.

finished pie

Sure, sure, it looks pretty, doesn’t it? But this pie was definitely my least favourite to date.

Part of the problem is that I did not whisk continuously as I added the eggs to the hot milk to make the custard. As a result, my light-and-fluffy top part has egg chunks in it. There is a definite texture problem.

But on top of that, the filling seems kind of tasteless. Also, although the crust was one of my smoothest crust experiences ever (rolling out on parchment paper really helped reduce my stress A LOT), it tasted salty to me. It could just be that everything else at the party was loaded with chocolate and sugar, so the pastry tasted salty in comparison. Still, I have no interest in eating the leftovers of this pie. Anyone want them?


See that chocolate stuff next to the leftover pie? That’s my famous chocolate mousse cake — it’s called Velvet Lush — and its leftovers are WELL worth eating. Hands off! Mine!

My friend Izabela was there, and she told me that the pie was her favourite dessert there, before she even knew that I was the one who made it. So that’s a hopeful thing. But overall, I would not make this one again.

Speaking of Izabela, she had just returned from a three week long trip to Sweden for work. She said that the people of Sweden are the thinnest she’s ever seen; Izabela herself is a very thin woman and she said she felt on the heavy side of things while walking down the street. And I thought, “Memo to self: Never visit Sweden.”

But then I thought, “Hm, perhaps Sweden is the only country in the world where I might actually be considered busty.”

Memo to self: Visit Sweden. Pack the good bras.

Send me an email if you’d like the recipe.

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  1. the pie looks very pretty and if someone thought it was the best thing there, well that’s saying something.

    i’m with shan on the cake. i’m drooling all over the keyboard. i can pass on chocolate mousse.

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