Peach Blueberry Lattice-Top Pie

Guess what I did yesterday! I baked a pie!

I was going to make a mixed berry pie, because I found a recipe that called for frozen fruit. But when I got to the store, the only bag they had of frozen mixed berries weighed about 15 pounds and cost as much as a Yaris. I remembered that the recipe opposite the mixed berry pie, in the cookbook, was for peach-blueberry pie, so I bought frozen peaches and frozen blueberries.

Then I got home and saw it was really for peach-raspberry pie. But close enough, right?

Here it is:

Peach-Blueberry Pie

It’s not a total failure, but not a total success. The big problem here is that I did not thaw the peaches quite enough before baking. As a result, some of the peaches are a little…snappy. A little too much backbone left, if you will.

The pastry part is okay. Not as perfect as last week’s, but you can taste the improvement. I think I did not roll it out thin enough — I left it in the fridge for too long before rolling and it was pretty hard to roll it without cracking, so I quit early. The lattice part was finicky but no more so than the usual pastry nonsense. Overall, kind of a B+ crust.

Still, I kind of love this pie.

Last night I had a very contentious PTA meeting. I didn’t eat enough dinner and my low blood sugar caused me to get a little over emotional as I yelled at people. Not pretty.

Then I came home to yummy, yummy pie, and all was well in the world.

Two slices are already eaten, and I’m going to keep two more (just in case of future PTA emergencies). I’m going to throw the remaining four to the internet. Anyone want some slightly undercooked peach-blueberry?

11 thoughts on “Peach Blueberry Lattice-Top Pie

  1. Mmm. Peach blueberry sounds good. I wonder where the expression “easy as pie” came from, since obviously pie is anything but easy?

  2. Why do you have to be way out in the burbs when I am sitting in my office starving and not wanting to go outside to get something to eat. Darn it all!!

    ps – the lattice work looks awsome

  3. Betsy Mae

    wow you really are sticking to this!!! great job! i think it looks delicious. i like pie but i don’t necessarily love it or crave it until i open your blog, i wonder if i will ever tackle a homemade pie in my lifetime?

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