Welcome to 2010

I’ve been bloggity blocked since the holidays. Just a creative funk, to match the cold, snowy weather. So, I did what I always do when I hit the writing wall, and that’s update my blogroll. So many awesome, fun, entertaining writers out there! Go and read and enjoy.

While updating, I sadly discovered that Jen MacLean’s blogs have been deleted! I hope you’re reading Jen, and I hope this was some sort of technical glitch, and I hope you’ll be back soon. Otherwise, who will give me gardening tips? Who will tell me stories of Australia? And how will I ever sleep at night not knowing if you went with the red kitchen or the white kitchen for the farmhouse? I MUST KNOW.

Speaking of blogs and blogging and blocks, I keep forgetting to mention that I very quietly passed my 1000th post back in November. I don’t know quite what to think about that. It seems like a lot of blabbing. I still really enjoy blogging, but lately I’m feeling like I want some new writing challenges, like I’m ready for something more. Not sure what those might be, but I’m giving it some thought.

When I can squeeze in some thinking, that is, as keeping up with Google Reader is gobbling up my time these days (see: blogroll).

One thing I like to do as my first post in January is to list my top 10 favourite posts (of my own) from the previous year. This is more for my benefit than yours, but anyway, here are my faves from 2009.

Memories for Sale – I watched some of our baby clothes being purchased at a consignment shop.
It’s Like 1972 Around Here – Gal Smiley is having a hard time dealing with the breakup of the Beatles.
We’re Not Leaving The House Until You Pee – The Captain shows a shocking lack of self-awareness.
Ou Est Jacques? – One of our fish seems to be able to leave the tank at will.
Personal Ads – My three kids seek playdates.
Thank God I Weeded The Lawn Yesterday — My mother drops by for a surprise visit.
Lunch. James Lunch. – The Captain can’t find his lunch.
On Blogging – Seeking the nature of this blog.
My Heart Will Go On – Little Miss Sunshine moves to a big bed.
Little Miss ABC – Two-and-a-half captured in rhyming couplets.

4 thoughts on “Welcome to 2010

  1. Great links – I have been reading through them! And great blogroll too! I get in blogging ruts too – all the time it seems! And 1000 posts??? You’re my hero – that’s pretty amazing!

  2. I think what we need to re-inspire us all is another big blogger event (hint hint) like the BOL (hint hint). That sure would be challenge for someone to organize…someone who was looking for a new challenge..okay, it’s not writing, but it could lead to writing. Maybe not another BOL exactly..maybe a blogger workshop! We could brainstorm a whole bunch of topics and everyone gets to draw 5 topics to blog about in the upcoming months. We could have guest speakers; group exercises – talk about what we like and don’t like about other blogs; how to keep things fresh; how to come up with ideas; how to branch out from blogging into other writing areas…etc., etc. Should we talk??

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