Turtlehead Decade In Review

Thanks to Adorkable Thespian for this awesome idea!

2000: Learned to play guitar. Took a two week driving/camping tour of the Maritimes with Sir Monkeypants. Went to the Toronto Film Festival for the first time. Found a tap dancing class. Turned 30. Spent Christmas at DisneyWorld with my entire extended family.

2001: My nephew ChitChat was born. Joined an ultimate team. Ran my first 5K. Finally embraced the electronic age and got my first digital camera. Hobbled around NYC with a foot that was injured at ultimate. Later, our NYC friends visited us in the aftermath of 9/11. Was laid off from my job at Ortel-Nay. Spent December living high on the hog off of my severance package, eating bonbons and seeing a lot of movies.

2002: Was a bridesmaid at LittleSis’ wedding to CanadiensFan. Had a miscarriage. Got pregnant with Captain JB. Made a second trip to the Toronto Film Festival. Got a job at a small telecom firm, then was laid off six weeks later when the company was bought out by a giant conglomerate. Spent another December seeing a lot of movies. Swapped Sir Monkeypant’s old standard car for a shiny new automatic.

2003: Had a baby. Shut down my original website, Sidekick Magazine. Started a Mommy and Baby group. Lived through the Big Blackout. Had the flu for the first time in December and was completely convinced that I was going to die.

2004: Was surprised to find I was pregnant, again! Attended my mom’s 60th birthday party. Started my blog on LiveJournal. Sold our townhouse and bought a bigger single home a few streets away. Had Gal Smiley. Spent a great fall with the family as Sir Monkeypants took three months of parental leave. Moved into our new home. Celebrated our first ever Christmas morning at our house.

2005: Started up Girl’s Poker Night. Resumed tap dancing and ultimate. My grandfather passed away.

2006: My nephew H-Man was born. Watched Sir Monkeypants build a swingset in the backyard. Got pregnant for the third time. Took the big kids to the zoo in Montreal. Bought a minivan.

2007: Had Little Miss Sunshine. Had a great summer as Sir Monkeypants took another three-month parental leave. The Captain started JK. Remodelled our laundry room. Did my first NaBloPoMo.

2008: The Captain moved up to SK and Gal Smiley started JK. Joined the PTA and ran their art program. Moved my blog over to WordPress. Joined a new book club. Put a patio in the backyard. Attended my older sister’s 40th birthday party.

2009: Designed the PTA’s website. Founded Blog Out Loud. Ran a 5K. My grandmother passed away. Planned the Giant Fundraiser. Took the kids to the Parliament Buildings, the CN Tower, the Toronto Science Centre, the Toronto Zoo. Had the swine flu. My nephew S-Man was born.

This decade was all about family for me. Sir Monkeypants and I built our own family unit and my extended family grew, too. I built a strong circle of friends and found a new place for myself in this world.

I can’t wait to see what the next ten years will bring.

5 thoughts on “Turtlehead Decade In Review

  1. This is a great idea! Love it. Such a great way to celebrate all that you’ve done over the past decade — the highs and lows. And I would do it on my blog too if I actually had any faith that I could remember back to the year 2000. Maybe I’ll try …

  2. nadinethornhill

    Hooray! I’m loving all of these decade-in-review posts. Since I’ve made so many new friends in recent years, it’s fun to see what y’all were up to before we met. 🙂

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