Canadian Blog Awards

Just a quick post today about the Canadian Blog Awards. Round one of voting is finished; the top 10 vote getters in each category move on to round two (which I think is the final round).

Turtlehead made it! I’m still in contention for Top Family Blog.

You can vote for me here. As before, if you’d like to vote for me, rank me “1st” in the dropbox on the left hand side and then submit your vote.

You can vote every day. Actually, you can vote every few hours if you are really devoted and have nothing better to do…and if that’s true, call me and we’ll go for a coffee.

10 thoughts on “Canadian Blog Awards

    1. Looks like you have to wait at least 24 hours, and even then it’s kind of cranky. In the first round I was able to vote once every two or three hours but looks like there’s been a crackdown!

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