Fin AWL Lee

This is it! The Dance! Show! finale is coming early this year, like a special Christmas gift that arrives in the mail from your super organized faraway aunt. Six dancers left, and just one show to decide their fate. Who will win?

You KNOW that there’s going to be pain if America messes this one up. I can’t remember the last time I cared so much about the overall winner. BE GOOD, America. Santa is watching you!

Here’s my final rankings of the remaining six.

1. Russell. His Santa solo this past week was SO CUTE. He’s just such a squisher. However, he is not the best dancer. I suppose there is a reason that they call the winner “America’s Most POPULAR Dancer” instead of “America’s Best Dancer,” but just one time, ONE TIME, could we vote for the dancer who is actually the best? As a present for me? Russell is cute, but please consider…

2. Jakob. Oh my, do I ever love Jakob. He is not only incredibly talented and a great actor, but he’s the rare dancer who can elevate his partners to greatness. Last week he showed that Ellenore was capable of connecting with a partner and she looked amazing. This week, he turned Mollee into magic. Watch his numbers with Mollee — you’ll see he is constantly looking at her, to make sure that he’s completely in sync with her at all times. That’s generosity; that’s a dancer who cares more about the overall performance and the audience’s experience than himself. And, he even made a Joey Dowling Broadway number into something great. JOEY DOWLING. GREAT. If that isn’t sheer dancing brilliance, I don’t know what is.

3. Kathryn. What up, America? Last week she’s in the bottom two, this week, the Safest of the Safe. I don’t get it. All I know is, I like her a lot, and like Jakob, I think she manages to click with every partner she’s given (except perhaps Nathan). This coming week she’ll be Jakob’s partner, so I expect WOW BAM SHAZAM from these two.

4. Ellenore. This week, I felt she was back in the mode of fantastic dancing, weak partner chemistry. I don’t know what it is about her — I love her solos, but she just doesn’t seem good at the pair-dancing thing. This week she should be paired with Russell, who I also think lacks chemistry with a lot of his partners, so I’m worried for her. Still love her, though.

5. Ashleigh. I like Ashleigh, and I really like her dancing. But you KNOW how I feel about free passes given to dancers who are injured — NO. At least she was included in the voting process, and not given a total free pass like Noelle earlier this season, and I did really appreciate the way she came on stage and talked about how eager and willing she was to get out there and how it was killing her to have the doctors bench her. Also, the footage of her dress rehearsal showed that she was ready and on point before the shoulder thing. STILL. I thought Mollee was just brilliant this past week (did I mention the Joey Dowling? And how it was actually GREAT?) and she totally deserved to stay. That makes Ashleigh the lowest ranked woman in my book.

6. Ryan. Dudes, how many times do I have to rank this guy last before you start listening to me? He’s a great partner for the women but he’s so stiff at non-ballroom styles. His solos are lame and he does not have the sparkle of Legacy (HUGE mistake, America). However, keeping him around does set him up for the Ryan-Ashleigh pairing, and I expect lots of super romantic numbers for them (a Samba or a Waltz, perhaps, along with a Contemporary piece in which they can spend the whole song staring into each others’ eyes). So they both might end up moving ahead of some of the other dancers. But that would be wrong.

Is there another Dance! Show! season coming in January? Or will we have to wait until summer again? Just wondering so I can warn Sir Monkeypants — he likes to be prepared for the onslaught.

See you at the finale!

2 thoughts on “Fin AWL Lee

  1. Don’t they get to dance with everyone next week? I would like to see Ryan and Ashleigh together just so I know what it looks like.

    As for the rest, I’m really ambivalent again. I quite like Jakob but he’s coming off a bit cocky this week. Really thankful Molly is gone. Russell is really cute, but he’s not the best dancer. Sort of a Benji/Travis situation….

  2. famethrowa

    I feel very good about your ranking here. We just watched this episode last night. (Mr. Chatty needed a break from dance. GREAT TIMING, CHATTY.)

    We’ll watch the fin-NAW-lee tonight. Can’t wait!

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