What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

So! We have booked a trip to DisneyWorld.

And it almost killed us.

Here’s a tip to those of you who are considering Disney this year: it’s impossible to fly there. Seriously.

We actually made an accommodation reservation at Disney way back in mid-October. Then we started watching for flights and seat sales. Every few days we’d check all the major airlines for options. We’d check Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal. Eventually, we started checking Syracuse and Rochester in New York, and even Buffalo, which would have involved a two-day driving drip on each end.

And there was nothing. I KNOW.

We were only ever offered absolutely ridiculous options. Nothing was ever non-stop; there was always at least one stopover, and often this meant a total travelling time of 7 or 8 hours. We saw departure times of 5 am or 11 pm. We were actually considering options that had us getting up at 3 am, driving for five hours, then taking a six hour flight with two stops.

And all of these options STILL cost a fortune – way more than our budget. It was very depressing. We devoted many nights to searching the web, only to go to bed heartbroken. We began to wonder if we would ever find anything, and it was making us both cranky and snippy.

Last night Sir Monkeypants decided to power through at the computer and find something, ANYTHING, that would make it work. We happened to see a commercial for a seat sale on WestJet while watching TV last night, so we started there.

And we found out that if we shifted our trip by a few days — going a week or so earlier — we could get cheaper flights.

And if we were willing to go from a Wednesday to a Wednesday, instead of a Saturday to a Saturday as booked with Disney, we could get a pretty good price with excellent flight times. Middle of the day, daylight hours flight times.

From Ottawa. DIRECT.

Within budget!

So the only problem was that our Disney reservation did not match the WonderFlights, and the Disney website did not show us any possible accomodations for the new week.

This is when I began to freak out a little. I don’t deal well with change. When Sir Monkeypants starts monkeying around with our plans, I get this pathetic look on my face that says, “You are right now ripping out my still-beating heart, covering it with maple syrup, and devouring it before my eyes.”

Usually this look is a bit of a hot-button for Sir Monkeypants. But he carried on like a trooper, ignoring my sad little whimpers…now we won’t be able to stay at Disney and I don’t know where we will go and we’ll probably have to sleep on the streets and I am so sad right now I want to die. He kept checking and checking the Disney site for other hotels and places to stay while I gave him The Look over his shoulder for a couple of hours.

Then eventually we decided to just call Disney and tell them what was going on and ask if they could do anything for us.

And you know what? THEY COULD.

They shifted our reservation to the new dates with no problem.

Then I wept with joy.

Then we booked flights, and Sir Monkeypants wept with joy.

Then we both fell into bed, exhausted, but at last, with a plan in hand.

9 thoughts on “What Doesn’t Kill You, Makes You Stronger

  1. So wonderful! Sorry we can’t join you this time.

    If it’s any consolation, when we went to Miami last year, we had a heckuva time finding any flight into Florida. It seems that you just can’t get there from here!

  2. Wow….I think I totally would have been whimpering, too. Who knew it would be so hard?

    So glad you were able to get plans sorted out. You’ll have so much fun there!

  3. Oh, I TOTALLY give my husband that look too (and he loves maple syrup, so double funny). For really unforgivably trivial things, like the TV not working when the kids are going to be home with me the next day because it’s a P.D. day, just theoretically. Love those Disney people. Isn’t it sad how shocked we are when people/ corporations are actually accomodating?

  4. I’m glad it all worked out. I can only imagine how horrible the drive for hours only to have a flight with 2 stopovers would have been. Glad you dodged that bullet.

  5. Betsy Mae

    i should be getting on our whole research and planning thing but i just feel so afraid of it all!!!!!! grrrr. after the holidays i will be emailing you privately begging you for your tips and info. i wouldn’t want to drive to disney but i would drive before i’d travel from ottawa to buffalo then to disney on a flight in the middle of the night with a stopover!!!!! holy cow! i bet you are excited now. do the kids know yet?

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