Who Wants To Trivia?

Many thanks for all the birthday wishes yesterday! It was a pretty typical day at home for me, but that’s okay, birthdays just aren’t the big festival they used to be. Around 5 o’clock I started to really fade in terms of energy — the kids had been a little rambunctous — and I thought to myself, “You know, all I really want for my birthday is an hour of peace and quiet, all to myself.” Then Sir Monkeypants came home and took all three kids out for fast food, while I stayed home and watched dance show, with no one asking to watch Dora instead or asking why that lady is screaming or if this is a “fighting” dance or why I am taking so long to get them some juice,

It was DIVINE.

Top it off with a giant slice of calorie-free cake (and some licking of the icing bowl) and it was a pretty fine day.

Now it’s Thursday, and I’ve been so incredibly focused on the Giant Fundraiser I am running for the kids’ school on Saturday (I have like, seventeen spreadsheets on the go, people), that I almost completely forgot that I have something else major on the calendar before the fundraiser, and that’s World Trivia Night.

World Trivia Night is tomorrow — Friday, the 20th — at Landsdowne Park here in Ottawa. It’s the largest live trivia event in North America (maybe the world, I’m not sure). Teams of ten get together in the big yellow barn and answer trivia for a couple of hours. This is totally my thing and when I take a few seconds to stop thinking about Giant Fundraiser, I get pretty excited.

This year is my first year entering my own team. I’ve tried in past years but it’s surprisingly hard to find people interested in this event. I get a lot of, “Oh, I don’t know anything, I wouldn’t be any help.” But really, everyone knows something. And also, it’s much more about the social aspect — I do not expect to win the event or even put in a good showing, I just expect to eat a lot of candy, maybe have a glass of wine (there is a cash bar), spend time with some cool people, and maybe get a cheap thrill out of answering a question or two.

So this year, my friend LuckySevens and I thought, hell with it, even if we are the only two at the table, we are totally going (teams are a maxiumum of 10, but if you have fewer, you can still enter). So we’re in, baby! I’m bringing the candy!

The main point here is that sadly, SmotherMother has had to cancel on WTN (trivia fans of the world shed a tear). So now I have one spot open on the team. Anyone out there in blogger land interested in joining me, LuckySevens, and seven of our other friends? There is a cost to the night — they upped the price this year, so it’s a rather hefty $30 — but I promise fun times, lots of sugar, and some cool blogging material.

9 thoughts on “Who Wants To Trivia?

  1. Oh man, I so wish I could be there. It will be much more fun than what i am going to be doing. Strikes suck!! Please save me a seat for next year. Strike or no strike, I’ll be there with bells on (dear god, if i’m still on strike at this time next year, just take me out back and put me out of my misery!).

    So come on people, sign up. Good food, fun people and a great chance to raise some money for Children’s Aid. Supper great service.

    We have two very good friends that adopted two kids from CAS. It was a wonderful experience for everyone and CAS was fantastic and continues to give incredible support. I tell you, those kids won the jackpot. But then again, so did our friends.

  2. OMG, I love trivia. I would be there in a second if only I lived in Ottawa. Once again I wish Markham and Ottawa would squoosh just a little bit closer together.

    Have fun! As we used to say in Reach for the Top, when in doubt, the answer is 3.

  3. I’m supposed to be going as a member of another team (we’ll whoop your ass), but if we end up with too many people or something I’ll defect! Maybe I’ll see you in the throng. Good luck!!

  4. Wish I’d known, I love trivia… but I’m not very good at it. Unfortunately we have a family thing tomorrow night at Sociabank place. (And put me down for next year.)

  5. How did you guys do? I had to leave before the last round, but we were holding steady in 6th place at that point. I haven’t heard how we finished.

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