NaBloPoMo Gets You Posts Like This

My favourite Backyardigans episode is “What’s Bugging You?,” in which Uniqua and Tyrone attempt to remove the Wormin infestation from Tasha’s house, in time for Mr. Spiffy (aka Pablo) to approve her entrance into the spiffy club.

My favourite Dora The Explorer episode is when Boots gets his new blue bouncy ball, and sings a silly song: “I love my ball! I love my ball! I love my ball! ball! ball! ball! ball!”

My favourite Toopy & Binoo episode is when Binoo makes seven little Binoo snowmen, and they come to life, and then Toopy serenades them all with a love song: “Binoo, oh my Binoo, we shall love to play hand in hand; Binoo, my dear Binoo, you’re my very very best friend.”

My favourite episode of Peep And The Big Wide World is the one where Peep and Chirp are looking for a quiet place to sing, but are thwarted by Quack yelling into a giant pipe, “I’m a GIANT DUCK! I’m a SUPER LARGE EXTRA GIANT DUCK!” Quack is funny.

My favourite episode of Wonder Pets is the one where the bunny tags along as the fourth Wonder Pet, messing up the usual three-pet dynamic. That’s why we didn’t have a fourth kid, RIGHT THERE.

My favourite Hi-5 episode — as if I could pick just one! — is the Season One American Version episode, “Adventure to the Universe.” It features the skit “Keeper of the Lost Stars” which is my favourite Hi-5 song ever. My runner up is the Season One American Version “Animals on the Farm,” in which the Hi-5 gang pretend to be a singing fence. Funniest skit ever!

My favourite Max and Ruby episode is the one where Ruby is trying to sell her girl guide cookies door to door, but Max keeps interfering, either by eating the cookies or spilling the boxes or causing some sort of delay that allows other girl guides to get the scoop. But really, any episode that features a supposedly seven-year-old Ruby taking two-year-old Max on the bus, alone, to do shopping, alone, is totally awesome for the horror show factor.

My favourite episode of Arthur is the one where D.W. gets her first library book, but is so afraid of damaging it, she keeps it wrapped up in a blanket under her bed the entire time. I’m quite partial to D.W. She’s a peach.

My favourite Martha Speaks episode is the one where they start leaving out certain letters from the alphabet soup that allows Martha to talk, as a cost-cutting measure, and then Martha starts to only be able to say words that use the remaining letters. I love language manipulation like that.

My favourite Curious George episode is the one where George tries to guide the trains from the central switching station, while the man with the yellow hat is distracted with helping the train switcher-guy and his brother divide a peanut butter sandwich in two. Oh that George! He’s so funny!

It’s been a while, but my favourite episode of Thomas The Tank Engine is the one where Edward (a sweet but old train) challenges Spencer (a slick new silver train) to a speed contest, and in classic tortoise-and-hare style, wins the race. It’s a very predictable episode but Edward was always my favourite train, so I was happy to see him featured.

I obviously need to GET OUT MORE.

10 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo Gets You Posts Like This

  1. I hear ya, sister. I may be blogging about my weird dream last night (it involved turtles and explosions and licorice. Okay, maybe not). Seriously about D.W.? I HATE D.W. My favourite Arthur episode is when they have the guy playing guitar and singing the narration and then at the end Buster goes “hey, who’s that weird guy playing the guitar? MOM”. Well, tied with the library card episode (JEKYLL JEKYLL HYDE JEKYLL HYDE).

    I thought I was finally watching So You Think You can Dance Canada last night. Then I recognized Donny Osmond and realized it was Dancing with the Stars. Profoundly disappointing.

    1. Sadly, SYTYCD Canada is all over. But the American one is just kicking into high gear — I think it is on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I don’t watch Dancing with the Stars but hey, any Dance Show is good Dance Show!

  2. I love this post! 🙂

    My favourite Backyardigans episode is the one where Tyrone is a newspaper boy delivering papers to Fairytale Village and he thinks everyone’s out to eat him (when really they just want to invite him for lunch). The bluegrass music is great…I’ve even been known to watch it after the kids are in bed.

    My favourite Peep and the Big Wide World is the one where Quack loses his favourite stick, and meanwhile Peep meets a toothy little beaver who just happens to have found a great stick.

    My favourite Toopy & Binoo is the same one you picked! “There are Binoos everywhere….with Binoo all is fair!

    My favourite Wonder Pets is the one where they help an inchworm whose friend the caterpillar is turning into a butterfly. Inchworm learns that even though they’re less alike now they can still be friends.

    My favourite Max & Ruby is when Ruby thinks that Max has a pretend friend that he keeps blaming for messing with her stuff. But there’s actually a real frog that’s been getting into her things.

    My favourite Curious George is the one where Curious George goes to see a Dog Show and then ends up bringing all the dogs back to the Man With the Yellow Hat’s apartment.

    I guess I need to get out more, too!

    1. Oh my God, I have NEVER SEEN THAT BACKYARDIGANS. The fact that there exists an episode I have not seen (let alone seen more than 10 times) gives me hope for the world.

      Of course now I must seek it out relentlessly.

      I also love that Peep episode! I was considering it for the top one. It’s all because of Beaver Boy. That kid is hilarious!

      1. It’s an awesome Backyardigans episode!

        Uniqua as a witch: “Why hello, paperboy, I’d like to have you for lunch!”

        Tyrone as paperboy: “You’d like to have me for lunch?!? Ack!”

        It’s actually hard to pick a favourite Backyardigans. Also in the running were Samurai Pie, Dinosaur’s Best Friend and Horsing Around. Jamie’s obsessed with Backyardigans. We have pretty much all of them on Tivo.

        1. I used to be this way with Hi-5 and Peep. I knew the names of every episode, the names of the actors who appeared in them, and I could quote extensively. SO SAD.

          And I adore Samurai Pie! I haven’t seen that one in ages. It’s SO good.

  3. I know all these shows but I never watch them, and I tune them out! I think I did this even as a child…even then cartoons weren’t my thing. I’ve never seen the Wizard of Oz to the end…I’m that kind of person (and was that kind of kid!).

  4. I have never seen that Toopy episode. And we watch A LOT of Toopy. I must investigate.

    Any Peep episode is my favorite. Quack is the best.

    Can’t stand Dora or Max and Ruby. I try to avoid them at all costs.

    Don’t watch nearly enough Backyardigans. It’s my favorite, but the jellybean doesn’t seem to like them as much.

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