One Hour One Picture

Today I’m taking part in a photo challenge hosted by Andrea at a peek inside the fishbowl. The idea is to take one photo every hour — just snap a shot of whatever you happen to be looking at in that minute when the hour turns.

I’ll be updating this post throughout the day with my hourly pictures (although I’ll probably post the pics in bunches every couple of hours — poopy diapers cannot wait for blogging!).

Here we are at 6:45ish. This is my kitchen window — the first thing I do in the morning is come down to the kitchen to do the dishes from last night (my mother would be horrified) and make lunches. The kitchen window ledge is right over the sink and is the place where I collect broken toys (notice the ring and mixmaster pieces have returned to the toy hospital after their visit there just last week), rocks, acorns, and hair clips for Little Miss Sunshine.

Kitchen Window

7:45. Coats, shoes, and backpacks waiting for the Captain and Gal Smiley to fill them and go to school. We were super late this morning — usually by this time I would be waving goodbye to them as they go out the front door.

Backpacks and jackets

8:45ish. Toooootally forgot to put out the garbage for 7 a.m. this morning. Luckily the truck hasn’t come yet. It’s a foggy day today, grey and cold. The reason there are no cars or bikes in this picture is because I had to wait for traffic to clear — I was too embarrassed to have my neighbours see me taking a photo of my garbage!

Garbage Day

9:44. I was actually doing puzzles with Little Miss Sunshine in the playroom. But when I reached for the camera to take her picture, she got very, very angry with me. Luckily the timer went on the banana mini-muffins and I had to go take them out of the oven, saving the Little Miss from having her SOUL STOLEN BY THE CAMERA.

Banana Mini Muffins

10:45. We were home from picking up Gal Smiley at school and having a quick swing in the backyard. When Gal Smiley saw me with the camera, she ran and got hers, too.

Gal Smiley, Photographer

11:45. The remnants of lunch. Gal Smiley likes to have her milk in this mug, which features a picture of her at 9 months old.


12:45. Just spent the last 45 minutes playing Polly Pocket Pool Party with Gal Smiley. Somewhere, my university professors are crying.

Polly Pockets

1:45. Little Miss Sunshine was just up from her nap and in a happy mood. She asked to be read this library book before we had to run out to pick up the Captain from school.


2:45. Walking home from school. The Captain is on the left in the red jacket, carrying a small stone which is a “grenade.” His friend Indiana Jones, who lives on our street, is on the right, carrying a large stick which is a “rifle.” Welcome to the world of six-year-old boys.

Walking Home

3:45. Polly pockets revisited, this time with Barbie in the role of Polly Pocket Mommy. I played with the Little Miss while the Captain played video games upstairs with Indiana Jones and Gal Smiley played in the backyard with Princess Charming.

Polly Pocket Redux

4:45. Making alphabet soup for dinner.

Alpha Bits

5:45. Just wrapping up dinner. Anyone want those last two biscuits?

Dinner remains

6:45. Reading Gal Smiley a bedtime story.

Bedtime for the Gal

7:45. We just put the Captain down and are now kid-free — whoo hoo! I’m catching up on blogs and eating jellybeans (brought by Sir Monkeypants…he’s so sweet).

Blog time

8:45. Catching up on this week’s Glee (Kristen Chenoweth was a guest star — LOVE the Chenoweth).


9:38. Time for bed. Whew, we made it!


11 thoughts on “One Hour One Picture

  1. LOVE this post. wish i had known, i might have tried. but pictures on a picket line for 4 hours might have been a bit borring. i’m going to think about doing it tomorrow or sunday.

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  3. Loved the post. But I have to ask… how sad is that I knew which Polly Pocket set you had, just by the photo of the accessories? And I am super annoyed that I missed Glee this week.

  4. I know you commented over at Andrea’s site about how you liked the posts that didn’t have explanations….but I kind of like the explanations. I guess I like both! 🙂 I thought about putting explanations with mine but just didn’t have the time so it was just pictures for me. But some of my pictures I feel need a little explaining to make sense. Anyway, I enjoyed your pictures and getting a glimpse of your life. I love the picture of your Alphabet Soup!

  5. Enjoyed that glimpse into your life. Do you really go to bed at 930pm? Perhaps that’s what I’m doing wrong.

    btw, you know me…i’ve changed my blog and didn’t have your email address to email you!

  6. oh and if i FINALLY give you my playdough recipe will you PLEASE share with me your alphabet soup recipe? i already have the alphabet pasta but don’t have a recipe for alphabet soup!

  7. A day in the life of Lynn. Very interesting! I also do the dishes from the other night in the morning. I guess that’s the only time I’m motivated to finish the stragglers in the sink.

  8. Amelia Witherspoon

    This is so awesome! Great pictures. Unfortunately, every hour of my day would be a picture of a computer screen. “Here is what I’m doing at work now. Here I am an hour later, and this is what I’m doing at work…yes, it’s different!!”

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