The Progress of Parenting

First kid: Did not taste candy until he turned two. Only ever ate whole wheat bread. Had hot breakfasts of toast or oatmeal.

Second kid: Allowed to have one Smartie per day around age 1 and a half, when her older brother was toilet training. Only ever ate whole wheat bagels. Had breakfasts of cereal or frozen waffles.

Third kid: Just had a chocolate chip (“hash browns,” in her world) sandwich on white bread for breakfast.


First kid: Never allowed to watch more than two half-hour TV programs per day.

Second kid: Watched a few shows per day; occasionally allowed to watch a movie.

Third kid: Just watched So You Think You Can Dance with Mommy over breakfast; has watched Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus about six times in the past week.


First kid: Always drank diluted apple juice or milk.

Second kid: Diluted apple juice or milk; occasionally allowed a “coffee” (sugar and a spoon of decaf coffee in milk).

Third kid: Just had undiluted orange juice and chocolate milk with her chocolate chip breakfast sandwich.


Parenting really wears the moral fortitude right out of you, doesn’t it?

9 thoughts on “The Progress of Parenting

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  2. grace

    My ‘third kid’ turned twenty-two today. We had three daughters under the age of five at one point: the same year their dad needed his third hip replacement. You can imagine how she was allowed to fly under the radar.

    Some very wonderful things happen when you aren’t really looking!

    All the best Lynn, grace

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