Business is Blooming!

One of my posts is being featured this week on Five Star Friday! I love Five Star Friday — I’ve found many blogs there that I now read on a regular basis. Many, many thanks to whoever submitted my post — I’m super excited and grateful.

In other news, a few very nice people have left me awesome and much appreciated comments about how much they like my blog redesign.

Funny story, there. I’m hosted on WordPress, and while I love WordPress, one thing that bugs is that there are only about 30 different supported themes on the site, and they are completely uncustomizable (I think I just invented a word there). When I first started on WordPress, I picked Blix for my theme — it was the only one I really liked.

Over the years, I’ve often gotten bored with Blix and tested out a few other themes, but they always had something about them I didn’t like, so I always went back to Blix.

Last week, a bug appeared in the Blix theme — rather suddenly, for no real reason — and everyone who was using that theme saw their blog pages blow up. The text was still there, but the formatting was missing; text overlapped or wrapped funny and was just plain ugly.

WordPress was working on it, but after three days they still hadn’t found the problem, so I changed themes.

And now I give you…Regulus by Ben Gillbanks. Totally not designed by me in any way. But I like it, and it’s nice to have a change every once in a while.

So welcome to the new face of Turtlehead. Now award-winning.

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