Last Woman Standing

I missed Dance Show last night because I am busy fighting a plague. The whole house is infected, and it’s been three nights now since Sir Monkeypants and I got any sleep. Someone is always coughing or barfing or crying or sneezing giant green gobs of goo.

This morning I have a tickle in my throat and a sniffly nose but NO! I will not succumb. HEAR ME ROAR.

Anyway, between trying to do too much PTA work and keeping everyone relatively comfortable, Dance Show will have to wait. Alas.

6 thoughts on “Last Woman Standing

  1. Oh, you missed a good one. 3 or 4 “give it ups” in a row from Jean-Marc, some honest-to-god dance critique from Mia Michaels and Rex Harrington, the usual simpering from trey and J-M and a cryptic sexuality comment from Rex. Oh, and some really good dancing and some bad dancing.

  2. Take care of yourself. That sounds down right nasty. I am still 2 episodes behind you in SYTYCDC. I manage to watch week 2 and 3 over the weekend. And I hope to get a few more hours in soon. Just not enough time to sit around these days.

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