So Meta, Man

Captain Jelly Belly and Gal Smiley just had their first real understanding of the genius of Sesame Street.

We don’t usually watch the show but I happened to turn the TV on and they happened to be showing Preschool Musical, an ode to High School Musical, which the older kids have seen many times and adore. In this clip, “Trey” and “Maryella” disagree over whether the kids should play at block corner or dress-up corner — in very bad harmony, of course.

The Captain in particular was totally amazed at how one show could possibly refer to another show like this. It’s ALL INTERCONNECTED, dude. Totally blew his mind!

One thought on “So Meta, Man

  1. M loves Sesame Street. I enjoy watching it for the cameo’s. I am so glad they have managed to stay relevant all this time. So many old shows haven’t.

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