How To Make Me Love You Forever

We’re a week away from Blog Out Loud (eep eep eep) and plans are starting to come together.

I need a couple of volunteers to help out that evening. I need someone to man the door with FameThrowa, helping arriving bloggers to sign in and get themselves a nametag. And I need someone to sit with the photo blogger table, drawing attention to the pictures and making sure the table is kept tidy and protected. I might also need a third person just to help set up a few special tables and microphone area before we start.

If you’d like to help out, please let me know and we’ll get this thing organized!

9 thoughts on “How To Make Me Love You Forever

  1. Hey Lynn. I could probably get theer a little early to help out with Flame Throwa, or anywhere else you need me. Also, if there is any one downtown that needs a lift, I could do that as well. Seems alittle silly for so many cars to come coming with only one person. I’m coming from Vanier, so anyone from New Ed, Manor Park, Lowertown, etc…

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  3. I was thinking of heading right there from work, which would have me there around 6ish. Put me down as helper, i will do whatever you need me to 🙂

  4. You totally rock, Lynn — all this planning and organizing and still dealing with little kids in the summer…when it’s raining all the time! I can’t believe all the effort you’ve put into this thing. Who’s MCing the evening?

    1. Um…me? I guess? That’s the plan for right now, but I’m open to suggestions if you know of someone who would be really great.

  5. Thanks so much guys — Lala, Chantal, and Julie, I’ll see you there. I should be there no later than 6pm or so, setting up!

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