Dance Show Post Of The Week

Time for your weekly handicapping of the So You Think You Can Dance dancers!

1. Janette. Oh yes, I went there. She may have little training, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping her at all. She anchored the tango this past week — I barely noticed that Brandon was on the stage — and was so cute in the Wade Robson number. Her one potential problem is that as a salsa dancer, her solos are bound to be a little weak. Still, I think she’ll definitely make top 4.

2. Jeanine. Oh yes, I went there too. I predict great things for Jeanine. Her solos have been just quirky enough to set her apart from all the other contemporary dancers out there, and I think she’s a great actress — she really shows her characters in her face. I think residual affection for Phillip in the crowd will help win her votes, too. If she can survive this week — when I predict she will be paired with the weaker Evan — then she’s a shoo-in for the top 4.

3. Ade. The internet is buzzing with talk of how fabulous his solo was from this week. Since Ade got zero coverage during the audition shows, this was the first time we’d ever seen him dance in his own style and…WOW. He’s sweet, he’s bashful, he’s a fantastic partner for the ladies, and with solos like this…he could take it all.

4. Brandon. I watched this past week’s episode at my mom’s house, and she doesn’t like Brandon because she finds him too arrogant. I think that’s totally false, but my mom does tend to reflect the general attitude of America so if my mom doesn’t like you…it’s a problem. Brandon is obviously the best dancer in this competition but that didn’t help Will from Season 4, Danny from Season 3, or Travis from Season 2. Brandon needs to break out his shell a bit more, chat a bit more, and turn in some dazzling solos if he wants to move up the ladder.

5. Melissa. Did you see her solo this week? That woman’s body is ROCK HARD. She is so powerful and in control. I think Melissa is the strongest female dancer in the competition (although, I just realized, we haven’t seen her try hip hop yet), but like Brandon, she doesn’t have a warm enough personality to come across the TV screen. Plus, she has a problem in that most of the remaining men are shorter than her, and won’t be able to perform the fantastic lifts with her that she is so good at.

6. Kayla. She’s growing on me. Her performance in the Mia Michaels addiction number from this past week was SO good. She seems to be slowly building a following, which may mean that she peaks in popularity at just the right time. Since the judges adore her, she’s bound to land all the best choreographers too. Now, if she could just put together a half decent solo, she’d be on her way up.

7. Jason. I expect great things from this kid now that Caitlin is gone and he’ll have a new partner. I predict he’ll be matched with either Janette or Kayla this week, so this is his big chance. He’ll either rock it, and bump himself way up in popularity…or chuff it, and it’s all over.

8. Kupono. Oh, Kupono, how frustrating you are. Sometimes you are so, so brilliant…and sometimes, so, so goofy. I think he’s been helped a lot by being paired with Kayla. I don’t see him making the top 4, especially given his crap solos, but if he works really hard and pulls out something good this week…there is potential there. He’s really a complete wildcard.

9. Randi. Randi is so cute, and clearly a good dancer, but I don’t think she is as great as the other four women in the top 10. She doesn’t have the versatility to pull off a wide variety of dances — almost every style has been described at some point or another as “out of her comfort zone.” She needs to get a much, much bigger comfort zone if she wants to be a professional dancer.

10. Evan. I love Evan’s personal style, but let’s face it, his latin ballroom dances have been weak and his hip hop was pretty awful. Now that they are mixing up the partners, too, he has a problem — he’s shorter than all the other women, which will make for an awkward dance. Can you imagine him doing a tango with Kayla, or maybe a pas-de-deux with Melissa? I didn’t think so.

My couple predictions for this week:
Evan with Jeanine
Jason with Janette
Brandon with Randi
Ade with Kayla
Kupono with Melissa

8 thoughts on “Dance Show Post Of The Week

  1. Are those coupling predictions what you’d like to see or what you’re guessing will happen. You know that the couplings are randomly drawn from a hat, right?

    1. Those couplings are what I predict will be made. Due to Evan’s height he can really only be paired with Janette or Jeanine; due to Brandon’s height he would be best with Randi or Jeanine; with Ade’s height I don’t think they will pair him with Randi.

      As for the hat business…I hate to sound cynical but I don’t believe ANYTHING on this show is “random from a hat.” Sure, they show the couples pulling a card out of a hat but in my opinion…there’s only one card in there! There’s no way it was fluke that Melissa drew ballet…or that almost couple got the specialty of one member the first week…or that Mia always, always gets the best couple for her idea (in my opinion, they let her and probably Wade hand-pick the couple they want to work with).

      They definitely match up the couples based on who they think will make a good match. Plus, the only way to ensure that everyone is dancing with someone new each week is to make the assignments by hand — otherwise more couples would end up as repeats.

  2. Hm, you have some good points there. Perhaps not all is random, but I do think that when they bother to show people picking from a hat (which I think they’ve done all of once this season), it’s genuine.

    It’s true that they must have given Melissa a ballet number on purpose, but do you think the Russian folk dance that Phillip got was on purpose? Maybe…

    In previous seasons, it has happened that during these last few weeks some couples end up back together again, but perhaps the makers of the show understand what a disadvantage that is for the other couples, so maybe hand-picking actually makes sense.

    And what’s the harm in it? In the industry, I’m sure people are put together when it makes sense, right?

    1. I agree, I don’t have a problem at all with fixing up the couples, or pre-deciding who gets what kind of dance. What bugs me is that the show makes such a pretense of it being “drawn from a hat.” We are not stupid, Nigel! It’s okay to just say, this person is getting this style and so be i t.

  3. I managed to watch my recorded episodes by friday last week (that is quick for me, I am usually just catching up Monday night). And all weekend I was lamenting the fact I had nothing to watch. This show is literally the only show I watch right now. How sad is that!

  4. I’m probably going to miss the first half of the show tomorrow. Bummer. But i like your predictions. Glad to see you are on board the Ade ship. I think he rocks. Not sure who I like for the girls. Kayla is a fantastic dancer but seems to be as dumb as a post. Randi is really sweet, but I don’t know if she has the chops. Melissa is fantastic too, but like you said, a little cold. I guess we’ll just have to see!

  5. I think the same thing. I mean can you imagine Janette doing pas-de-deux or any of the contemporary dancers…

    I think everything is set up.

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